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My Bio


TioJaggess Looking At You

Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Khaliied Al'Khahli

As Of 08Th.02[February].2020, Betrothed Married to my Love, Lubbayah [Cherry Tart]

I Kaage Betrothed To Cherry My Betrothed =CK1

RULES Of Social Engagement On My DA Page:

||I DO NOT TOLERATE/Will Ban/Report To DA Staff Anyone Who Does: Art Theft Of My Or My Friends Art/Any Art Theft I See, Threats/Terroristic Threats, Racism, Suggestive Sexually Incited Moves/Sexually Verbal Pokes, Sexual Harassment Flaming, Flaming (ALL Types) And Flame Wars, Non RP Fighting, Harassment(All Types),Trolling,Inciting Verbal Abuse And All/Anything Related||


||I'm The Princess TioJaggess Kaage Of The Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) Of Saudi Arabia|| ____________________________________________________________________



||Salam Alaikum, hey there everyone..I'm Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Khaliied Al'Khahli......Or Kaage The TioJaggess Or Yaffa the TioJaggess which in Hebrew means (Beautiful), Jamila is Arabic for (Beautiful) also Kaage means (Princess) in Arabic , as my Birthday is 7Th June... I'm Bisexual And Proud! Bisexual Pride (F2U) ! But I LOVE All Genders, Orientations and Races!||

||You may call me any of my various nicknames (Yaff) (Kaage) (Khalil Or Khalilah), Or (Khahliifah) or (Khahli)..I'm an artist, intensely love lion king,big cats and big cat based art on all levels, I'm Arab and Russian and Israeli.. IMVU Is another favorite of mine I own a VIP Account there, under Different User name than here(MirriovaLeopardess99), my DA Avatar is one of my IMVU Pics Digital Art Camera I'm a highly intelligent /educated and I'm a highly advanced skilled artist, very talented and adept at artwork ect.....RL Generally I'm a cautious weary TioJaggess I'm more Outlander than Pridelander, in a 95% OL/5% PL Split, a fighter pure warrioress by my nature and vocation, boxing lioness kickboxing and so much more..I'm a Lion King Fur and Furry Too been since I was 7 years old.||

My Furry big cat char, Is a TioJaggess, A Lioness/Leopardess/Jaguaress Hybrid...She is teenageery like I am..she's is unique as me, I model her after me giving her a realisticness..She is related to Smilodon and Meghanteron and other or most saber toothed big cats, and lionesses, leopardesses ect...I'm from the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter)..I'm a very tribal lioness and Bedouin Arab.||

||My TioJaggess self IRL: My SO I'm Bi Sexual, very quiet, unassuming, Very introverted..I dont care to date I have no mate, prefer to be with lionesses 65% to lions 35%, but can I be affectionate to male lions and related..I can be social, but I'm very very very weary, a ready more than willing fighter as aforementioned above ..I'm tall'ish very very very thin, very hard athletically and wiry built, I diet and exercise daily taking heavy duty muscle protein powdered mixes, calories measured. I have fiery deep bluest eyes, jet black shiny hair, long below the small of my back with a chevron point in the middle bottom tip, thick as a lions mane on top of my head and all around heavy thick maned hair..my skin is light/medium olive tanned..Other things..I love to shop at amazon.com too.....

My Physical features Continued.....I am IRL Fully Blind in my Right Eye and 60% Blind in my left Eye..but I draw fair art, I go more by feel and by instinct than by sight of what I see..||

||My Lioness RULES For Engagement Of My Art/Photos|| ____________________________________________

||My Art/Photos My Style-NOTE ALL/ANY Of My Works Are (C) (R) TM ♠♠♀♀©®™♀♀♠♠ To Kaage Lioness Me Unless Otherwise Noted||


||YOU Will Ask My EXPLICIT Lioness Permission In My PM Box/Message Box Here At DA, For Use Or Commissions/Collabs Or Trades Of My Art Ect||

||You May Do The Following Here at DA On My DA Page: Share,Add To Favorites,Rate Critique, Or Feature My Art/Photos Ect||

My Char Bio: Kaage TioJaggess||




TioJaggess Sitting

Her dimensions are as mine as for height,weight and build ect..., I relate my chars to me directly to like me in mind,body and life situations..giving them a realness. she is , Part lioness, tigress, shark and viper/venomous snakes.. she is a combination of more than 4,984 or more Species in one..a good part kangaroo/marsupial. She is in her teens, is 5'11"+ and does not weigh even 60 pounds soaking wet...She is immortal, will never die, no matter the injury or illness, kinda like "deadpool" ....Her body build, but her body build is ultra powerful, wiry, taut, muscular, tight, a bit buff, but ultra thin like me, a waist of less than 18" inches around and hips less than 23" inches measured..

Temperament|| she/like me; is Bisexual , moods are varied widely depending on the situation, as it lends itself to her..generally she like me is, very quietly shyish introverted and has a broodingly dark emmanance about her, makes others want to ask if she is ok??! Yes..though she may appear sweet on the outside, there is a very violently torridly turbid conflicted storm of upheaval inside her, still waters run deep in her..she has an addorative "lostness" about her, an innocence that shows but shows also on her that has been taken far far far too early from her in life like me, irl.. damaged goods to say the least of it, on as for her/me....there are moments where all seems fine, then she like me can explode if a frenzied fury of rage....then suddenly going calm as nothing had ever happened..leaving others near her to wonder what is wrong with her??!

If asked, Kaage, it is not likely she will tell, not something she likes to talk of..as her life isn't exactly simple, but very very complicated...If only her mom lioness had let her be born normally, but her mom lion had to play god and tinker experimenting scientifically with nature, kinda like (Dren in the movie "Splice" ) and we know how that turned out?!.. Now if she her mom lioness could see her, she might have thought twice about creating/designing her (Kaage) as such she did..as Kaage is NOT controllable, not even slightly..her tribe would fear what they helped her mom lioness make/create....Oh the Beast Kaage has now become, pity anyone in her wrathful path... Kaage wanted to be something else in life, but never had a chance, her mom lioness decided her fate and made sure of it that it could not be de-programmed out of Kaage making it irreversible ..now Kaage see's others around her bewildered by seeing what she wants, as she sees others living better than her..she too wants it, but not knowing how to have it?!!..She, loveless inside, only feigning love towards others as an autonomic action/response..you see her mom lioness never raised her to to love anyone, her mom lioness telling Kaage that love is "Irrelevant" and highly overrated, not needed to live or survive?!!..Sadly Kaage has no concept of love or ever will, her mom lioness programmed her not to in creation of her, often times Kaage is by love bewildered by it..confusing her or frightening her..

Favourite Visual Artist
Jack Storms- Crystal Sculptures
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Three Days Grace,Royal Blood,Alter Bridge Ect
Favourite Books
Born Free,Lizzy The Lioness.
Favourite Writers
Joy Adamson, Lisa Bevere
Favourite Games
Ghost Recon
Tools of the Trade
Pen pencil camera and anything else that works for art.
Other Interests
Whatever interests me..

||TioJaggess CK1_Welcome's You||

╔═╦╗╔╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ║═╣║║║╔╣╔╣╚╝║ ║╔╣╚╝║║║║╚╗╔╝ ╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝♥╚╝

Put This On You're DA ID

If You Are A Furry Or Support Furries!

Big paw icon 2 Pride Paw giant paw emote animated 2 Furry Amino Icon ultramini Bi Paw Big paw icon 2

Curious Fact about me|| InRealLife I am 100% Blind in my Right Eye, 70%+ Blind in my Left, yet that does not stop my Art Talents, Or Abilities, how do I see, well Think of it as a Highly Specialized Sonar 3D HD, one of several ways my Body Compensates||




Lubbayah And Me!! We're Shipping Eachother! TioJaggess XX TioTigress Lubbayah!!


I Live In Sioux Falls South Dakota ·  ||I'm Kaage IRL_Anthro_Furry TioTigress_TioJaggess. I AM Fun and Fatal Attraction All At Once!I'm Taken by Wife Lubbayah, I Am 100% Lesbian|| Religion|NON-Practicing||

|| || I Am NO LONGER Available/Single! || IRL I Am Married On-christmas bells christmas bells

Wedding cake [08.February.2020] Wedding cake

|| Lesbian Paw Lesbian Paw she|her emoticon Lesbian -pixel Heart- Lesbian -pixel Heart- Female_Female! She_To_She = Cherry Tart TioTigress_TioJaggess [Lubbayah<-Her

My Wife_Me ->Kaage Her "She TioJaggess Wife] PRIDE19 - Lesbian Flag (14x10) PRIDE19 - Lesbian Flag (14x10) = CK1 ||




TioJaggess'es Loving!


So Don't Wait Up!!


SayLaVee Namaste~`


DEATH De'Nied Always!

We Cannot Die_We Cannot Be Killed! We Are ONE! There Can ONLY Be CK1! TioJaggess_TioTigress_

Female_Pantherine [Me]Make Love To Female Pantherine [Her]_We Do-InRealLife!

|| ||As Of Saturday, 08Th.02[Feb].2020 I Am IRL Kaaged And Married To My Betrothed My Russian TioTigress_TioJaggess Lubbayah [Lubba], Also Known As "Cherry Tart" She whom is a Topless Dancer At Our Place Of Work||

I Kaage Betrothed To Cherry My Betrothed =CK1

We Are CK1![Cherry_Kaage1]


Cherry_X_Kaage [FOREVER]

Get Used To It!! Cause We're NOT Going Away!

Welcome here, Let Me Introduce Myself. I Am Kaage, as you may call me. I'm a Female TioJaggess Anthro. Tall TioJagg Girl, Thin AF Quad Zero Waist or Smaller (00-00) at 5'11"+ and less than 60 Pounds Soaking Wet! I'm BadAss BiSexual, Short Tempered and Diet Hard , Exercise and Beautiful and Don't Worry I Don't Bite.


||Welcome To My DA Page My Lovey Dovey's,You May Call Me Kaage Sweetypie, It's So Nice to Meet You! I'll Be the Kaagey'Est TioJaggess You Will EVER Meet!|| I'm Also IRL a "Kaage TioJaggess TopLess Dancer" So I'm away at Work Often~` I Work 22+ Hours A Day and I'm Pulling 60 to 96 Hour Shifts, Back To Back!

UPDATE|| 21.May.2020||

WERE Open, COVID-19 LockDown No Longer In Effect, Will Be Back To Work Full Time Like Before, TopLess Erotic Dancing_High End Escorting 22+ Hours A Day and I'll Be Pulling 60 to 96 Hour Shifts, Back To Back! 01.October.2020 (Thursday) at 0300 ZULU AM CDT USA Time|| Via Family/Boss Mr. Viet'Trann||


TioJaggess Flies Hot And Sexy!



In Bed?Not so Sure, Are We?? TioJaggess

||Please Enjoy the Sights and My Art/Photos||


There Can ONLY Be ONE! TioJaggess~`

I Cannot DIE Cannot Be Killed!


Going Below Hard Deck [Going Below 10,000 Feet]


My TioJaggess Moods Vary, See Below!


Just TioJaggess Me- DAFUQ, Is Right~`



Socially Hot I Fire Back, Follow/Watch Me I Follow Watch Back~`


Tense Wary (Primary Default) Mood


Fighter TioJaggess (Secondary Default Mood)


Angered/Rage/TioJaggess Fight Club!


My Other Mood Above....TioJaggess Stone Sour, Stoned TioJaggess Happy(TioJaggess High Mood 24/7/365) xD. Like The Song In Hinder, "Go Home Get Stoned!"

Cause you see for me to be Mentally Sane I gotta be STONED Out Of My TioJaggess Mind 24/7/365! My Version Of Happiness?!


I'm Stone Sour To Be Sane/Happy, So It Is! Its Better Than The Alternative Mood Of Mine, Seen Here!


Are My Food Preferences Odd Or Normal, Bizarre or Just ...

  |  3 votes
  • Hot Coffee
    You're Not Quite Normal, Kaage'ey??! But We Love You, Anyway!
  • TioJaggess Avi Shot 877
    Uhmm Dont Think Its For Everyone?! But Some might Bravely Try it??!
  • Kaage-Facetime!
    You Must Be Kidding Right???! OMG She's Not xD! You scare Us Kaage!
  • TioJaggess EyeScanner
    Kaage We Worry About You! Now Put Down The Icky Sea Cucumber thing EWW
Good'Early Morning, its me Kaage'ey, TioJaggess! OMG Been crazy busy, but getting stuff done! My wife Lubbayah is ok too! Dad Lion is Alive and ok as possible Happy to Say! I hope everyones ok and all! Got Groceries yesterday morning early Deliver
Morning Everyone! Hey everyone I've been "Get'ch Your Balls To The Wall Man", TioJaggess Busy!! But My Grocery Delivery is today, Bought 4 Gallons of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, in One Gallon Buckets! Not to Mention MEAT! I'm on EODD (Eat Off Diet Days)

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Hello, I am sending this message to all of my watchers to inform them that I have a free raffle to win art.


Completely Free art Raffle!

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Ok I'll get a look at it:D! Thank tyou SO Much Sweetypie! :heart: :hug: *TioJaggess huggs you**

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:D :heart:Glad you liked the comments… Thank you… Pray you’re well & safe...

Thanks for the Llama and the :+devwatch: - much appreciated!

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Hi my friend, i hope you enjoy my Sophie story in my gallery. It's a lot of content, right? :love:

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It is, I will enjoy it :love: Love the content! :D

Thanks so much for the watch :love: :hug: :heart: