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What I Defend-Protect_My Sister Dana!

Family Portrait by Kaage-YaffaKahli, visual art

Standing With Ukraine And My Sister Dana

Ukraine Army Beret_Ukraine Crest by Kaage-YaffaKahli, visual art

Roni My Sister (LionNightPride)

Sister-Lionesses At Dawn by Kaage-YaffaKahli, visual art

I'm Not Ok Anymore

I'm Not OK Anymore by Kaage-YaffaKahli, visual art

Pregnant With Atika

Saaruuku Pregnant and Cared For by Kaage-YaffaKahli, visual art

Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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My Bio

MY IRL Full Name And Middle Initials~`

||Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Ibn Al'Saude Khaliied Al'Khahli ||

Middle Initials-> || Ibn Al'Saude ||

Religious|| NON/Non-Practicing/NADA!

If Any Christian's Come To My Page

DO NOT Utter To Me - "God Loves You"

Just Fucking DONT! I've Heard That

BullShit Line_Lie Before From

their So'Called

Groups or Related-, Only To

Find They Dont Love Me-

They Hate, Mock, Judge Me

Questioning Me In Mocking Lying Tone,-

Pretending to Love Me, Laughing At Me~`

I Dont Like or Trust ANY Christians Either~`


Intense Burn

My TikTok Account

As Of 10.July.2K22


Bivouacked In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Since


||"A Good Offence- Makes A Great Defense! I'm A Professional At It

As I'm This Way On/Off Cause I'm Tired Of Getting Hurt By Others"||

If You Are Thinking after Reading my IRL (InRealLife)

Bio, OMFG I Just Found The MOST EXOTIC

Unusual Female Big Cat Patherine/Lioness On DA?!?!

Well I Wouldn't Go So Far As To Say That Per'Say..

But It's So Close To It, That I'll Say I'm More Than

Equal To Any Of The Male/Female Ect. Pantherines on DA

TLK Or Otherwise, Paws Down Anywhere!

Anyone Wanna Challenge Me On It, Feel Free, I Will Brutally

Viciously Hyper Aggressively Defend My Title!~`

My Bio||

Lubbayah My Beloved Lesbian Wife

I Am Her Wife

I Am Lesbian Concubine/Wife To

Tribally Married To|| 44 Other Lesbian Wives (Literally)

and (3)Other Husbands|| Kumbah, Taughbah, Lee Coy(Eclipse)

OutLander 98.14% Zira (Default), Spotty, Dotty ,Vitani||

PrideLander|| 1.86% Sarabi, Kiara Being Closest with Nala||

IRL Age|| 24

RL Sex/Gender|| Female (Female Leopard)

Was a (Trans Female) At Birth, but It Disappeared at 10 Yrs Age

Now I Just Have The Usual Female Parts..Very Rare little

known thing of me, as was I know how some can be toward

those like I was..So I kept Quiet..In My Tribe Getting Noisy

Can and Will Get You Killed! Quite Literally..AS I Was Considered a

Born/Cursed/Mistake by some as Was Said..But Oh Well..

The Hateful Castigating Litany was Unreal Towards Me,

see I am Blamed for My Birth and Former, Gender "Defect"

We Shall Call It Of Mine At Birth~`

RL Familial Pride Life|| I Have 9 Sisters and 5 Bro's!

RL My B'Day|| 07Th.June

IRL No. Of Cubs Born|| 13 Successfully, 6 Males/7 Females

IRL Cub Mortality|| Lost 10 to Miscarriages, One

A Stillborn, and One Killed

Outright By My Tribes High Ranking Females

(Punishment For Me For Hiding Her From Them)

Our Tribal Ways Of Life Aren't For Everyone,

Just a Way Of Life for Me.Still Is, They Own Me.

I Will Never Be Free||


Pregnancy IRL|| Yes I Am Pregnant With Atika D'Hab Abal Al'Fahdah!

I Dont Show From My Extreme Dieting/Exercising and Ultra Thin

Flat Exercised TioJaguaress Body!

I Have Carried Her On A Delayed Birth, 6 Years 5 Months

Now as Of 25.October.2021| She was Conceived 28.June.2015||

Saaruuku Pregnant and Cared For

Visual Ocular Defects|| IRL|| Right Eye 100% Blind- Left Eye 85% Blind||

IRL Eye Colors|| Bi-Colored Eyes|| Right Eye Icy Deep Aqua Sapphire Blue

- Left Eye- Fiery Orangey Crimson Red||

Picture For My IRL TioJaguaress Looks And Eye Colors~`

I Diet Hardcore/Exercise Hardcore 6+ Days A Week, Eating Only High Protein 45 Calories

PER DAY, 6+ Days A Week at 1/2 Gell Proteine Cup, Only 45 Calories Daily||

Been Doing This Since I Was 6 Years Old I Can Thank Mom Lion Svettelana! Tribal Generational Diet,

Goes Back 63 Generations of my Arab Pantherine Tribes~`

Do I Seem Angry??! Oh! That Would NOT Touch It, NOT Even Close~`

Do I Seem At Risk?! High Risk?!

Am I Mentally Ill?! NO| 100% Sane/Stone Cold Lucid|

Am I Human| NO|

Do I Have Soul| NO|

I Am Female Anthropomorphic Pantherine TioJaguaress ULTRA OBER ABSOLUTE GODDESS


Am I Joking?! NO|

I Dont Joke, I Do Not Have A Sense Of Humor~`

If you are Thinking, after seeing my IRL, Profile and Photos Ect Self/Attitudes And All||

OMFG She is Arab, Soviet Russian Israeli, Vietnamese, Female Big Cat Female Pantherine I'm A Natural Born Killer, Weaponised, Vicious, Soulless Cold Blooded Lethal Beauty On Four Paws Or Two Paws! Natural Born OutLaw Biker/Killing Machine Soldier<- You're Right I Am Quite Literally! You Bet, I Won't Hide It, No Point! I Am IRL All Of That and So Talented Too~`

Cause If You Think that of me, You Better FUCKIN Believe It, It Is ALL True Of Me! As Tom Selleck said as (Magnum PI) "I Know What You're Thinking and You ARE RIGHT!" But You dont have to Fear me....Much.. Just Dont Annoy Me Or Make Me Angry..As You'll Probably Have Nothing To Worry About, if you dont?!~`

DA Family



Is Now My Bro, Seriously!

I Will Protect Him~`

@Lanalightspeed (Pride Member) Of My Pantherine Pride~`

@furrylocket furrylocket My Bro!

@BSW421 My Brony Bro!

@B00rka B00rka Mah HOMIE!



Updated|| 26.Jan.2021


On DA, Any Male Suitors BEWARE, As I Am NOT Available to YOU Romantically EVER! So, Do Not Try It Seth Will NOT Tolerate any Male Interlopers EVER!! Lubbayah Loves Seth Too, She's part of Him as I Am too, It Is An Interconnected Bi_Lesbian Relationship!

DO Respect the Boundaries of Seth, My Wife Lubbayah And I Her Wife Kaage, and I Boo To Seth~`

Males towards can Be FRIENDS ONLY! Otherwise Careful How Close you Get, SETH My GOD Jackal Likes to Deal With Interlopers, he has His Ways!


MY IRL Full Name And Middle Initials~`

||Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Ibn Al'Saude Khaliied Al'Khahli ||

Middle Initials-> || Ibn Al'Saude ||



Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Khaliied Al'Khahli

As Of 08Th.02[February].2020, Saturday, I Am Betrothed Married to my Love, Lubbayah [Cherry Tart]

I Kaage Betrothed To Cherry My Betrothed =CK1

RULES Of Social Engagement On My DA Page:

||I DO NOT TOLERATE/Will Ban/Report To DA Staff Anyone Who Does: Art Theft Of My Or My Friends Art/Any Art Theft I See, Threats/Terroristic Threats, Racism, Suggestive Sexually Incited Moves/Sexually Verbal Pokes, Sexual Harassment Flaming, Flaming (ALL Types) And Flame Wars, Non RP Fighting, Harassment(All Types),Trolling,Inciting Verbal Abuse And All/Anything Related||


||I'm The Princess TioJaggess Kaage Of The Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) Of Saudi Arabia|| ____________________________________________________________________



||Salam Alaikum, hey there everyone..I'm Kaage Yaffa Khahliifah Khaliied Al'Khahli......Or Kaage The TioJaggess Or Yaffa the TioJaggess which in Hebrew means (Beautiful), Jamila is Arabic for (Beautiful) also Kaage means (Princess) in Arabic , as my Birthday is 7Th June... I'm Bisexual And Proud! Bisexual Pride (F2U) ! But I LOVE All Genders, Orientations and Races!||

||You may call me any of my various nicknames Saber, Sharry, Mirriova, Mirri, MirriovaLeopardess, Leviara, LeviaraLioness, or SharryLioness, Saber'ess, SaberLeopardess816<-(Forever Famously/Infamously it seems), or (Yaff) (Kaage) (Khalil Or Khalilah), Or (Khahliifah) or (Khahli)..I'm an artist, intensely love lion king,big cats and big cat based art on all levels, I'm Arab and Russian and Israeli.. IMVU Is another favorite of mine I own a VIP Account there, under Different User name than here(MirriovaLeopardess99), my DA Avatar is one of my IMVU Pics Digital Art Camera I'm a highly intelligent /educated and I'm a highly advanced skilled artist, very talented and adept at artwork ect.....RL Generally I'm a cautious weary TioJaggess I'm more Outlander than Pridelander, in a 95% OL/5% PL Split, a fighter pure warrioress by my nature and vocation, boxing lioness kickboxing and so much more..I'm a Lion King Fur and Furry Too been since I was 7 years old.||

My Furry big cat char, Is a TioJaggess, A Lioness/Leopardess/Jaguaress Hybrid...She is teenageery like I am..she's is unique as me, I model her after me giving her a realisticness..She is related to Smilodon and Meghanteron and other or most saber toothed big cats, and lionesses, leopardesses ect...I'm from the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter)..I'm a very tribal lioness and Bedouin Arab.||

||My TioJaggess self IRL: My SO I'm Bi Sexual, very quiet, unassuming, Very introverted..I dont care to date I have no mate, prefer to be with lionesses 65% to lions 35%, but can I be affectionate to male lions and related..I can be social, but I'm very very very weary, a ready more than willing fighter as aforementioned above ..I'm tall'ish very very very thin, very hard athletically and wiry built, I diet and exercise daily taking heavy duty muscle protein powdered mixes, calories measured. I have fiery deep bluest eyes, jet black shiny hair, long below the small of my back with a chevron point in the middle bottom tip, thick as a lions mane on top of my head and all around heavy thick maned hair..my skin is light/medium olive tanned..Other things..I love to shop at amazon.com too.....

My Physical features Continued.....I am IRL Fully Blind in my Right Eye and 60% Blind in my left Eye..but I draw fair art, I go more by feel and by instinct than by sight of what I see..||

||My Lioness RULES For Engagement Of My Art/Photos|| ____________________________________________

||My Art/Photos My Style-NOTE ALL/ANY Of My Works Are (C) (R) TM ♠♠♀♀©®™♀♀♠♠ To Kaage Lioness Me Unless Otherwise Noted||


||YOU Will Ask My EXPLICIT Lioness Permission In My PM Box/Message Box Here At DA, For Use Or Commissions/Collabs Or Trades Of My Art Ect||

||You May Do The Following Here at DA On My DA Page: Share,Add To Favorites,Rate Critique, Or Feature My Art/Photos Ect||

My Char Bio: Kaage TioJaggess||




TioJaggess Sitting

Her dimensions are as mine as for height,weight and build ect..., I relate my chars to me directly to like me in mind,body and life situations..giving them a realness. she is , Part lioness, tigress, shark and viper/venomous snakes.. she is a combination of more than 4,984 or more Species in one..a good part kangaroo/marsupial. She is in her teens, is 5'11"+ and does not weigh even 60 pounds soaking wet...She is immortal, will never die, no matter the injury or illness, kinda like "deadpool" ....Her body build, but her body build is ultra powerful, wiry, taut, muscular, tight, a bit buff, but ultra thin like me, a waist of less than 18" inches around and hips less than 23" inches measured..

Temperament|| she/like me; is Bisexual , moods are varied widely depending on the situation, as it lends itself to her..generally she like me is, very quietly shyish introverted and has a broodingly dark emmanance about her, makes others want to ask if she is ok??! Yes..though she may appear sweet on the outside, there is a very violently torridly turbid conflicted storm of upheaval inside her, still waters run deep in her..she has an addorative "lostness" about her, an innocence that shows but shows also on her that has been taken far far far too early from her in life like me, irl.. damaged goods to say the least of it, on as for her/me....there are moments where all seems fine, then she like me can explode if a frenzied fury of rage....then suddenly going calm as nothing had ever happened..leaving others near her to wonder what is wrong with her??!

If asked, Kaage, it is not likely she will tell, not something she likes to talk of..as her life isn't exactly simple, but very very complicated...If only her mom lioness had let her be born normally, but her mom lion had to play god and tinker experimenting scientifically with nature, kinda like (Dren in the movie "Splice" ) and we know how that turned out?!.. Now if she her mom lioness could see her, she might have thought twice about creating/designing her (Kaage) as such she did..as Kaage is NOT controllable, not even slightly..her tribe would fear what they helped her mom lioness make/create....Oh the Beast Kaage has now become, pity anyone in her wrathful path... Kaage wanted to be something else in life, but never had a chance, her mom lioness decided her fate and made sure of it that it could not be de-programmed out of Kaage making it irreversible ..now Kaage see's others around her bewildered by seeing what she wants, as she sees others living better than her..she too wants it, but not knowing how to have it?!!..She, loveless inside, only feigning love towards others as an autonomic action/response..you see her mom lioness never raised her to to love anyone, her mom lioness telling Kaage that love is "Irrelevant" and highly overrated, not needed to live or survive?!!..Sadly Kaage has no concept of love or ever will, her mom lioness programmed her not to in creation of her, often times Kaage is by love bewildered by it..confusing her or frightening her..

Favourite Visual Artist
Jack Storms- Crystal Sculptures
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Three Days Grace,Royal Blood,Alter Bridge, MEGADETH, METALLICA,SLAYER Ect
Favourite Books
Born Free,Lizzy The Lioness.
Favourite Games
Ghost Recon
Tools of the Trade
Pen pencil camera and anything else that works for art.

Kaage TioJaguaress Page

~`Welcome To My Kaage'ey TioJaguaress DA Page- Like No Other You'll Find Anywhere~`

Warm Waters

"I found I could say things with

color and shapes that I couldn't

say any other way — things I had

no words for."

- Georgia O'Keeffe

Please Enjoy Youre Stay~`

Looking For More

Take A Look Around- Have Fun, You'll Learn Alot About Me and Maybe Yourself, Too~`

Olive Eyes
Well my DA Lovey Doves, Thanksgiving is a meer 3 days away, Time to be Thankful for what it is you are~` Firstly To My Beloved Wife Lubbayah ! I'm Thankful for You, Always Commandeering me when I The TioJaguaress Flies into out of control, taking back my Reigns Helping me Level Off outta the Dive, and My Sanity when I've lost it , My Strength When I Break , My Warmth and LOve, When I Froze Over Dead Cold Inside and out From too much Pain of it all, tearing into me.. As I Do No Less For You, We're As One Team In Two TioJaguaress Bodies. You did not marry me for my sanity or perfections, of which I usually have non, you Married me For Love for me, and no other reason could there have been. So Thank You, Lubbayah, My TioTigress Wife ~` Hey Shelly (Lubbayah) Lookin Good! (Her In Leopardy Plushy Form) I'm Also Very Thankful For ALL OF YOU , my DA Family and Family Friends, You inspired and helped me through so much, Despite my Frighteningly Wild Shifts over the Summer in
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What Are You Eating For Thanksgiving?! I'm Having Microwaved, But Just As Good! Does Dehydrated Eggs/Butter Count!?? xD

5 votes
TraditionalTurkey And All The FixingsHead Bobbing Heavy Eat Till Youre Stuffed XD
Off The Beaten Path, Lets Get ExperimentalSpy - Rape Face Anything Goes!
Roadhouse Desert Cafe
Roadhouse Desert Cafe
Order Out Save the Work, Why NotMmmm ??!
Cooking It Myself, The Best Is From HomeTOOTURALS?!?!?!?   (Medic Chat Icon) !!
Salad Requested
Salad Requested
MicrowavedMicrowave Emoticon ! (HELLO- Calling Kaage!) Its what I Do xDTf2 Soldier
Outer Space, PerhapsKirk McCoy Nod ??! Space Meals! Mmm Vacuum Sealed Turkey Loaf!
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Ahh yes as we now go from Halloween Which I LOVE And Adore, I'll be Very Very scary This Year! I Dress up as myself LOL XD, thats Scary Enough, don't you think,after all you seen read and heard on/of me?! lol MHmm..I Thought so too..lol. Ok then we go then to Thanksgiving, Oh, be nice if Lubbayah and I got invited to someone's place a friend we could actually trust,which we dont have any locally.. as its so lonely every year it is, especially since my late Dad Lion Mohammad Died in 2020. Wow that sucked the life outta the holidays, didn't it ?! Yeah he Loved the holiday times..He made a point of being festive, trust me that Lion made me fucking GLOW With Joy, I find that so hard now, Lubbayah my wife as I'm her Wife, has to really Nudge me hard to do it, so I'll try this year again, like last year I tried, we did too. So we'll see what I'll come up with this year. Yes, lol no shit on that Clark, huh! e'yup Thats What I'm Fucking Saying! So Ok, I'll Look on
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thanks for fav

thanks for fav

You are totally welcome Taibaka sweetheartKiara eye smile !

Thanks for for fav

Anytime Taibaka sweety, you deserve itKiara eye smile !

thanks for fav

Anytime Taibaka Honey bun, you are always welcome with meKiara eye smile !