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Alexstrasza and Krasus

By Ka7
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Aspect of the Red Dragonflight Alexstrasza and her consort Krasus aka Korialstrasz from Warcraft game.
I should learn to my exam instead drawing, but after reading 'War of The Ancients' trilogy (by Richard A. Knaak) a picture of this couple was sitting in my head and just wanted to come out.

Wallpaper version (1024x768) is available to download.

EDIT: New version, more details :)

I give permision for :iconthe-warcraft-legion: to post this.

World of Warcraft © Blizzard Entertaiment.
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Well Krasus was just one out of 4 consorts
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he is dead.      but ysera take alot of care of Alex  uuhhhhhhh blizzard tell me more if there is a new love story..
plz read all the teorys :o  even like... they always come together
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beautiful :) I love it . . and yes sadly he is dead  . . .:(
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Do you take comissions? *o*
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so sad to know that Korialstrasz is dead :crying:
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gharafydyufnjgheebebwj I LOVES IT TOO MUCH <333 :iconmegustaplz:
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Beautiful drawing!
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The most awesome EVEER!!!!
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Oh wow! I almost didn't even see those dragon heads in the background<3 It's even more adorable than I thought~
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this pic is soo cuta and soo cool on the same time i love the colors and the shadowing + the fact that you can see their dragon form behind them. :3 :D
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Nice :D *Spoiler* Too bad that Korialstrasz died in novel twillight of the aspects :/. Pozdrawiam :P
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es asombroso!!
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he-he, I also want to draw lots of wow fanart after reading wow books ^^ But further than sketch these all scraps have never come : (

dragons behind are really sweet, like them
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aww :-) cute dragons and great people = Good Job :-)
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Just finished reading it myself, this is wonderful :)
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It's very very good, but I think Krasus looks too mutch like an Blood Elf here, I know he looks mutch like it in WoW. But he is actually described in the books as a guy who looks half elf and half human.
But very very impressive painting. And Alexstrasza looks amasing. Well both does
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This is amazingly gorgeous. The colors and details are stunning, and I love them together.
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I love both :'3
very awesome picture :3
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