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ATTENTION! This group is ONLY for lineart & bases!
People are submitting colored art into the flders - Reference and Other - Commissioned Lines and Wolves.
These folders are for LINEART & BASES ONLY! The only colored art allowed are adopts. Thanks. c:

Do not ask to join, just click the join button.

#1 Rule. Always give proper credit to the base makers. ALWAYS.
:bulletred: Please submit to the right folder(s).
:bulletblack: Don't complain if your base, lineart or adopt is rejected.
:bulletgreen: Canine bases only please.
:bulletwhite: Have fun using the bases, and don't leave any hateful comments.
:bulletred: Bases, line art and adopts are the only things allowed in the group. No used bases (unless its an adopt) No colored drawings.
:bulletblack: Hyenas are no longer accepted but the ones that are here can stay.
:bulletgreen: CANINE ADOPTS ONLY

If you need help with something ask North.

Gallery Folders

Free pixel base (PSD) by Necerti
How to make Lineart MSP friendly *NEW VERSION by Cinnamonfur
CANINE BASE #2 by Disperso-15
P2U Base #3 by nannynunu
{P2U - 200pts} Canine Icon Pack by SilverPocky
FREE LINE wolf (F2U base) by Frida-Corvus
Werewolf and Anthro
FREE TO USE base furry canine by Szwendacz
$3/300PT P2U - i like em big, i like em chunky by SqdPxl
[FREE] Small pixel Anthro base by kat-adopts
Canine Ref-Sheet Basepack (p2u) by dexter-draws
P2U dog base by DaddySharkTus
P2u canine base by MiphasSl
P2u Base Borzoi by Frida-Corvus
Free Lines - Tibetan Terrier by tuketi
Canine Base by Velkss
Free Lines - Jackal by tuketi
Jackal Base by aoi-doragon
free yote lines by freckledoe
Coyote Lineart by AntiDarkHeart
Coyote-- free lineart by Canis-ferox
Silly Coyote Free Line Art by SpiritInSpace
(FTU) Fox/Wolf base-lineart (female version) by dexter-draws
(FTU) Fox/Wolf base-lineart (male version) by dexter-draws
Cute Fox line art (P2U) by SterlingKato
Free Red Fox Lineart by galianogangster
F2U Dingo-Mongrel Base by DemonaTheOperator
African Wild Dog
P2U LINES - African Wild Dog by aantlers
African Wild Dog Base by SirFission
P2U: African Wild Dog by Alunaa
Maned wolf
Maned Wolf lineart FREE by YaninaKot
Maned Wolf Lineart [FREE] by KatieCrace32100
Maned Wolf Template by corgiporgi
Dhole base 1 by FD-Bases
[F2U BASE] prancy pupper v2 by waterpillar
Other canines
[FREE] Canine Base by kat-adopts
TH Icon {Free} by babezebub
References and other
p2u wolf base by hostileadopts
Pokemon, Neopets and Digimon
Free to use Eevee lines  lineart  base  template by FinsterlichArt
Non-Canine Hyena
Hyena lineart base + brush for line by Blacknemera
Commissioned Lines
Corgie-dog base P2U #1 by kidex7
#29 YCH, Reference Sheet (CLOSED) by VISAGE-48

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