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startpage.rwrt upd8 2011.04.18



This is not an update!

It's a complete rewrite.

I've been talking about doing a rewrite forever now, and after I noticed this got featured on lifehacker, I finally got to work on this last night. I've borrowed a good bit of *Gocom's Estacado start page (thanks for using my favorite OSS license, btw.), to ensure some decent increases in userfriendliness (to be honest - I just don't feel like answering any more "how do I add more links?" qestions). No need to know HTML or read some of the various comments that used to be in the file to change links! Yayer!

Yeah, so the entire JS code switched from Mootools to jQuery (imo. the superior framework), and it's a lot cleaner and more organized than before (wasn't hard - it was a mess before).

I've removed the download link from here, because - let's face it - dA isn't meant for software distribution, and I don't feel like I have to go through the hassle of trying to make it cooperate.

Short feature list:

  • *new*Unlimited link blocks

  • *new*Unlimited links per block

  • Google search

  • *new*No HTML skills needed to add links

  • jQuery dropdown animations on hover

If you want the new version, get it on github:



  • Fix stylesheet for cross-browser good looks



  • Fix searchbar focus, added setting.


  • Added Google Image search


  • Added config file

  • Added search engines

    • Yahoo

    • Wikipedia

    • dict.cc

    • dict.leo.org

    • flickr

    • deviantART

  • Added setting to enable/disable opening links in new window/tab

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Any way to make this work on IE11?   Half the sites i need to link to don't work correctly in Chrome/Firefox (Corp Intranet stuff)  I get no blocks at all, just search boxes with no text in them when I pull the start page up in IE11.  I love this btw, have been using it for a long time.. just started using it for work.