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> Nike <

- Photoshop CS4 + Tablet
- Stocks from CG Textures, SXC and MediaMilitia


- Just testing some effects and manipulation.
- Testing a new palette of colors.
- The tutorial of this job is here (only in Portuguese): [link]
- And the stock that I've used is here: [link]


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This pair of boots top professional badminton whole body is full of light rapid design features, a large area of ​​the shoe body with a mesh material as the upper main components, while ensuring a lightweight, without losing the desired stability sex. Central extends to the heel of the TPU protective strip, so that the shoes in the fast-moving, players can keep a sense of balance and stability. After the palm with a Coushion independent damping unit, with a rebound in the forefoot Bounse technology, allowing players either fall or jump, you can quick step, no worries. In the bottom of the arch, Li Ning's designers have carefully prepared   carbon fiber with ProbaRLOC anti-reverse technology, will a similar TPU material supports embedded shoes, it is assumed the link forefoot and heel tasks, so The advantage is that the feet can be better support force, thereby reducing the burden on the arch. Ensure lightweight shoes while allowing increased stability, improve movement safety index! 
I really like your artwork and the style. I was wondering if I could use it on my blog thats launching on feb 15. I'll give you full credentials.
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this is really cool I'd like this shoe so I would like to have a shop put wow so beautiful I saw it and thought well that should get straight into my favorites
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really thanks :D
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wow!well done i like nike!
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This is so cool!! They are amazing!!!!
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Awesome it's so cool!!!!
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im wowed .. lol..
very nice...
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Wow! Is Amazing!
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i want to buy this show! tell me what model! please
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Just Amazing!!!! I'm a huge sneaker head.
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Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ! <3,<3
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WOW! I thought mine was ok ( I did the same type of thing ) but god now I want to delete mine cuz yours is soo good!
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hahah thanks!
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