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Chromatic butterflies

This is one of CHROMATIC SERIES.

I use 3dsMAX + V-Ray and Photoshop.
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That glow is amazing
crystal beauty!!
k3-studio's avatar
A lot of thanks my friend. :heart:
TsukiGesshoku's avatar
I'm really LOVELY !
I really like your gallery ;__; !!
k3-studio's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
TsukiGesshoku's avatar
geralin's avatar
They are so wonderful^^
k3-studio's avatar
Thanks again. ^^
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TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
Good idea shifting the background to black, it gives all the picture a sense of "focusing", the details are greatly enhanced. I think the flower in the middle is a bit too simple compared to the butterflies, knowing your style I would have expected a far more intricated type of flower but it's all right anyway.
Very nice how the butterflies are only different in colours and symmetrical with each other...a blame for the flower, which drops the beauty of all a bit in my opinion.
keep working! we wait for more, K. :D
k3-studio's avatar
Thanks for your comments. I have made a simple flower to be compared to two butterflies. If the flower was more complexity, I thought that it is difficult to see the butterflies.
Anyway thanks alot for your opinions. :bow:
TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
Maybe it would have taken importance from the butterflies, I can see your point. anyway it is very charming, my friend. charming indeed.
k3-studio's avatar
I'm glad for your comments. :hug: :hug: :hug:
TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
And I'm glad to be seeing your works :hug: thanks for sharing them with us!
Koolstr's avatar
This one is gorgeous, amazing!!!! Great job!!

I like the unique take on your style. You usually don't do this kind of stuff. Seems you did take our poll opinions into account, eh? :P
k3-studio's avatar
Thanks alot for your comments. yeah, I wanted to reflect everyone's opinions. I'll make more various scenes using not only present styles, but also new styles.
Yakul's avatar
sweet! I like your new style really much. It was a good decision of you to try something new :)
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Amelion's avatar
I love the butterflies wings! >//<
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