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Armchair carbon nanotube - 2

I made a new image of carbon nanotube. This is a bending carbon nanotube of armchair type under the strain. This type has a property of metallic.

I made this for scientists and all the people who like science.
You can use freely this image everywhere. For example, those are presentation, web, journal, paper and etc.
When you use this image, please display my CREDIT (k3-studio). Of course, I use this on my public presentation too.

This image is produced by 3D studio MAX and Photoshop.
You can get the resolution of 1280x1024 by download.

Other images related to this scene are here.

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Man...a scientist that can create art...I'm freaking envious >.>...good job :D
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I am using a lower resolution of this on [link]

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Thanks! I'm glad for it. :bow:
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Omg,I would never think that carbon nanotube would be so complicated...It's nice..:)
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armchair? what does that mean?

is this the stuff that theyre planning to use to make the elevator to moon, or the floating pyramid city in japan? either way, its cool. nice work.
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The title is one of physical properties of this tube. ^^
Thank you again!
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Impressive. carbon and its structures constantly catch my is such a particular element, it creates so many different compounds and so, many different possibilities. Organic Chemistry in particular fascinates me.
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:lol: How many polies?
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That's... Over 9,000!
Seriously, though, it's worth all the work!
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Not a problem!
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Great work dude, I like the render =D
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Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you like this! :D
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Whoa! Cool...
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