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Another Xanadu

Here is another Xanadu, and here is a high technological and mystery world. Intersection with us means the start of a new differentiation for them.

This image is produced by 3d studio MAX and PhotoshopCS2.
You can get the resolution of 1600x1000 by download.
Of course, download is free.

Thank you.
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Here they seem more alive than in the previous one, as if they aren't just ships, but actual creatures (as I guess they are). But again, I may be wrong, lol.
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Thank you very much. ^^
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Crap, now I have to decide whether I'm going to use this or In Atmosfera Brillante for my wallpaper!

Wonderful work!
k3-studio's avatar
Thanks alot. ^^
rufflepun's avatar
oooo this one is very very nice!! Good reflections on ship, love the lighting!
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Thank you very much for your comments. ^^
I have a Arcadia series using such scenes.
Program-00X's avatar
This looks movie quality in my view. Rather outstanding work!
k3-studio's avatar
Thank you for the comment. I think the fusion of Abstract and Landscape art. :)
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OMG that's super awesome
the only thing that bothers me a little is a huge ammount of lens effect from the lights.
I think putting a one nice lens on the sun and that's all, rest without lenses.
but great idea and wtf that's looking heavy man
k3-studio's avatar
Thank you very much for your comments and advices.
I also think the lens flare to be a problem. I want to study for this further. Thank you.
Zeranor's avatar
Yep, this one is really great^^. The colour creates a really astonishing atmosphere. I'm fascinated^^. Compared to this, my attempts look really.. sad xD. Well, I have to improve my skills... What exactly was the Photoshop-part in this Pic? =)
k3-studio's avatar
Thank you for your comment. I thought that I want to fuse of landscape and abstract. First, I made some ships. Second, I made a background suitable for those ships. The ships and background are made by 3D software. After made them, the chroma and the color were adjusted by using Photoshop. And, the light of the ship was made by Photoshop.
Zeranor's avatar
Oh! the light was not made by 3D sotware? oO alright^^. It seems to me, that I have to get Photoshop =). (I tried to create SUCH light sources with Cinema 4D...but it didn't work^^)
k3-studio's avatar
Those lighting are possible to make excluding Photoshop. Several lines are drawn, and the glow is applied to it. The lighting is added and applied to the background. I'm interested because I have never used CINEMA 4D.
reborn07's avatar
nice ships and color dude
k3-studio's avatar
Thanks! I want to make various ships.
ALCaponk's avatar
cooLssssss....i like this stuf...
portwolf's avatar
not too shaby heh?! :nod:
UniversalKinase's avatar
Kubla Khan would be proud. Great work.
k3-studio's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment.
LucasDelzell's avatar
I like design of the ships. I am delving into 3ds max and maya myself, and was wondering if there were any tutorials/resources you might recomend.
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