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Favourite Visual Artist
anybody with real cool, great stuff!
Favourite Movies
Fury. Alice In Wonderland. WindTalkers. We Were Soldiers. The Dark Knight Rises. Godzilla (2014). Volcano. Maniac Cop (series). Captain America Civil War. Pearl Harbor. Swimming With Sharks. Red Dawn (2012). Deep Riseing. Jurassic World. Olympus Hasfallen
Favourite TV Shows
YU GI OH 5Ds. Rosario Vampire. Sailor Moon Crystal. TOP TENS. Greatest Tank Battles. Weaponolgy. Fear the Walking Dead. Deadliest Warrior. Heaven's Lost Property. Black Lagoon. Fear Factor. Law and Order SVU. COPS.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bon Jovi. Bruce Sprinsteen. Garth Brooks. Johnny Cash. Alice Cooper.
Favourite Books
Alice in Wonderland. The Last Battle. and dozens of amazing stuff, Mostly Graphic Novels and Officail Novelizations of movies and video games and last, Manga's.
Favourite Writers
I can Definetly Say, Alexander Gordon, Creator of ROSARIO VAMPIRE BRIGHTEST DARKNESS. Rock on Dude! you are the best fan fic/novel/book writer i know.
Favourite Games
Call of Duty series. Batman Arkham Series. Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein operation ressurection, and Wolfenstein the new order. army men series. alien vs predator series. House of the Dead series. Resident evil series. Medal of Honor series.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PS3 and PS4 cause i have all 3 of 'em and love 'em all!
Tools of the Trade
Thinking up Creative Fan Fic Stories, Resaerching and memorizing WAR history and the Vehicles and Weapons used in 'em.
Other Interests
Reading and Writeing Fan Fics, Reading, Playing with Best friends, Takeing LLLOOONNNG Walks, Playing sports, going to arcades and movies.
May we NEVER EVER EVER... EVER... Forget this Sad Terrible and Truly Horrible Day in American History. a Day which Burned America's Heart... as We ALL Felt it. 9-11-01... September 11th, 2001... A Day When it was Just a Regular normal Day for Us all an then suddenly, we Were Attacked. Attacked By Fucking Insane Delusional Mass Murdering Maniac's who Were Carrying the message of the man they BELieved to be some kinda "Messiah" to their god, "allah" they worship. Osama Bin Mother-Fucker Laden. a TRULY INSANE an PURE EVIL Murderer. This man PLanned a HORRIBLE Act of Evil and cowardice and Insanity and Killed Very CLose to 3,000 Live's. INNOCENT LIVES. And this evil Bastard actually REALLY THought he Beat Us. Idiotic Twisted BAstard. ALL He did Was BRing Us together More and He reminded Us we ALWAYS Must Fight together. We MUST Be always Helping 1-another. This wacko thinks Just cause he Brainwashed some thugs into worshipping him an FLying planes into our Buildings, He REALLY thought he'd
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As im SUre a LOTTA you have Clearly seen, I Have No Art in my Gallery... which I Gotta Admit, Kinda Suck's... As I have TRy'd to do some Art, But i Just cant... Because of my Learning-Disability's... However, I am Trying to Figure Out how To Get Pic's i have Faved on my SMart-Phone/Cell-Phone (Whatever) To my Devart Page Gallery... However, There is 1 Kinda Art-work I CAN FOR SURE do... I Write Fan-Fic's... Some of my Dear Closest Friends i have Made on Devart I do Fan-Fic's for... and I am STill trying to Find other's who'd Read my Fan-Fic's... Have not found ALL that much, But Thought Maybe if i write this in a Post/Journal, I thought I Can get the word Out to Lots More... I Send my Fan-Fic's By notes. In Case any1 ever Ask's and Wonder's why, Its just FAR MORE EASIER for Me... Writing Story's As a LOTTA Of Us Do know, It's Indeed a Form of Art. and this is soemthing I LOVE to Do. So, Please Any1 who Read's this and Likes To Read, Please Pass this Info onto/unto Other's... Here Is
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Some1 I Know... I CANNOT Reveal too much Info about Him/Her... Like cant say if he or she is a Friend or Family Member. Cant say If its a Friend I Have on Devart or some Other site. All i CAN Say is this... This Certain some1 I Know, I Have not heard from in a DAMN LONG LONG TIME... And the Reason why is Cause i found out this certain some1 I Know was There At the Capitol of The United States of America when the Capitol was stormed By a Big group of Damn Frikking Lunatic's. Now this some1 I do Know was Not harmed. THANK GOD... :phew: But was REAL DAMN TRAUMATIZED. And i DONT BLAME Him/Her... I Now REALLY Must say, I AM REAL DAMN FUCKING DISGUSTED By what happened On that Horrible fucking Terrible Disgraceful Day... Now, 1st I wanna Say, I Have NO PROBLEM AT ALL WHATSOEVER about ANY1 who voted for trump... As We Live in a Democracy Ruled/Powered/Em-Powered STate. So we have the RIGHT to Vote for Who we TRULY Wanna Vote for... I voted for Joe Biden. Well that IS MY RIGHT. a Good Dear
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Thanks, Sean, for defending Christine on the matter of the people harassing her. I really appreciate it.

ANYTIME... As AFter All, i Believe In and Support Human Right's. We have the RIGHT to Like an Fave an Talk about ANY Kinda STyle art and ALso, Fan Fiction We Love. NO1 Can deny us Our Right to CHoose Just cause they dont Like Certain stuff we Love...

Hi, how are you?, do you renember me?

I THink??? sorry. Been THrough a LOT. my BRain is Pretty Muddled Up.

THanks... ALso have a Merry Christmas... :)

Anytime and thanks. Also, how'd today go? Want to join AltLife?