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Favourite Visual Artist
anybody with real cool, great stuff!
Favourite Movies
Fury. Alice In Wonderland. WindTalkers. We Were Soldiers. The Dark Knight Rises. Godzilla (2014). Volcano. Maniac Cop (series). Captain America Civil War. Pearl Harbor. Swimming With Sharks. Red Dawn (2012). Deep Riseing. Jurassic World. Olympus Hasfallen
Favourite TV Shows
YU GI OH 5Ds. Rosario Vampire. Sailor Moon Crystal. TOP TENS. Greatest Tank Battles. Weaponolgy. Fear the Walking Dead. Deadliest Warrior. Heaven's Lost Property. Black Lagoon. Fear Factor. Law and Order SVU. COPS.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bon Jovi. Bruce Sprinsteen. Garth Brooks. Johnny Cash. Alice Cooper.
Favourite Books
Alice in Wonderland. The Last Battle. and dozens of amazing stuff, Mostly Graphic Novels and Officail Novelizations of movies and video games and last, Manga's.
Favourite Writers
I can Definetly Say, Alexander Gordon, Creator of ROSARIO VAMPIRE BRIGHTEST DARKNESS. Rock on Dude! you are the best fan fic/novel/book writer i know.
Favourite Games
Call of Duty series. Batman Arkham Series. Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein operation ressurection, and Wolfenstein the new order. army men series. alien vs predator series. House of the Dead series. Resident evil series. Medal of Honor series.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PS3 and PS4 cause i have all 3 of 'em and love 'em all!
Tools of the Trade
Thinking up Creative Fan Fic Stories, Resaerching and memorizing WAR history and the Vehicles and Weapons used in 'em.
Other Interests
Reading and Writeing Fan Fics, Reading, Playing with Best friends, Takeing LLLOOONNNG Walks, Playing sports, going to arcades and movies.
@Nemuri01 @Cookie-Chocoladka @CountryTrollGirl @AzaleaStars @QueenOfBurtonia1999 @SailorPrincess95 @Alex130198Ferrana @Angel47093 @AudreaLynnette @ShatteredHoofButcher @Lonewolf-Sparrowhawk @FrostNinja007 @Skystar-Rose I Wrote 1 Post where i Mentioned the STate of Israel. Well Guess what, Here's ANOTHER. a STRONGER FLAkking 1... 1st, 1 of my DEAREST BEST Friends On Devart, @MagicMovieNerd She at 1 Point did a Devart Pic Where She Titled it, "Prayers for Israel." And yet, She Told me she Had to Delete/Erase it as it was Getting a LOTTA DAMN Hurtful STupid Shit... I also Had to Block SOOO MANY damn People on Devart... Ive NEVER Blocked SO DAMN Many Before... As they insulted Me and Said FUCKED UP SICKENING STuff about Israel. I did Fight back and told em to FUCK OFF 1st Before Making sure they Cant Bother me Anymore... But anyway, If any1Else See's this and wishes to Bash and Cyber-Bully and Attack Me For STanding With/For What is TRULY RIGHT, BRING IT THE FUCK ON... As Like I said
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A Few people, Some STupid Idiot's who JUST... WILL... DAMN... NOT Listen WONT FUCKING Listen to me... I Said Specifically in 1 of my OTher Post's, I DONT Talk about the Parachute-DRess STuff any-damn-more... No Fan fic story's, No roleplay's... As Like I Said, 1st, For a while, I feel Like it's Been Dying out sorta... As in, The Parachute-DREss seem's to have Been losing its SPark... Less and Less People seem to Be Interested In it... As its just, Its been Getting "OLD" I Guess for some People... And ALso a DAMN BIG Reason I THink some people have Been losing interest in it, Is Cause Some Damn CLose-Minded Arrogant STupid Fucker's Keep on attacking People for Liking the Parachute-DRess... cyber-bullying em, Bashing em, Calling em Freaks... Like with what happened to me... As Like I Said, I AM FUCKING SICK And FUCKING DAMN Tired of People DAMN Mistreating me When 1st, they dont even DAMN FUCKING KNow Me, and also, They of course that mean's have NO DAMN RIGHT to judge, or misjudge Me
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So For a few day's ive been Darn Well THinking WHat do I want to do Next??? WHat do i wanna Share/Post next??? and THen, It STRuck Me... As I ALso am STill trying to figure Out how to Get Pic's/PHoto's from my Smart-PHone to my Devart Gallery... Have not Figured it All out yet, Need more Time. So ALso to Pass the FRikking time, Decided to Do more STuff Here in my Post's To SHare with my Friends and Other's... So Here... As Ive stated in another Journal Entry Post, I am a MAJOR DAMN BIG Fan of the Famous ANime, ***RWBY*** And ALso, I LOVE the DC RWBY Comic's and also, the DC/RWBY CRoss-Over comic's and Especially the Justice League X RWBY Movies... And I ALso am Not only trying to Share Cool STuff with my Friend's, also as I Said, i am Trying to Help The World of RWBY Get as MUCH support as it Can Get... As Like I Said in a Previous Post, "Support RWBY VOL-10... GREENLIGHT RWBY VOL-10." So Far, Ive Only SHared These with @AudreaLynnette In a Note And she said She Liked Em VERY
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Thanks for the faves! :D :hug:

Yer VERY WELcome. :) :bow: do you Read and Respond to notes on Devart?

Excuse me. Can I tell you something? It's about RWBY and Kill La Kill.

Nemuri-midnight (17)

Sure. WHats Up?

Ok. So, it's not a request, but it's a question.

You know about the appearances of Ruby Rose from RWBY and Ryuko from KLK?

Yeah Of course... as I Watch RWBY and KILL LA KILL, So i do Fully know how RYuko and Ruby Look...

And Their BEAUTIFUL Girl's...

Anyway, What about THeir Look's???

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