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have a look at the readme to get everything setup. the font is included. the thing in the middle is the shutdown dialog.

this is open source so go nuts.




thanks for all the nice comments, i appreciate them.
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Hi, this is a fantastic theme! Well done...

I have modded it a little to suit my needs, I wanted the system tray on the right just like in Windows...however how do I get the tray to expand toward the left instead of the right as new icons that appear end up going off screen?

Thanks once again :-)
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I wonder if there is any Theme/icon set that matches this LS theme
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the theme is not workin.

could sum1 fix it?
i love this LS theme
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I miss this theme x3
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Just started using this and I think this theme is fantastic. One question tho...

Among the shutdown, volume and trash icons is a new file icon. however when i click it it tells me "Could not open file!"

How do i assign files to this?
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is there a way to LS skin which only contains the bottom right functionalities and the litestep left click menu? so no taskbar skinning (I really like the w7 taskbar)
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Nope, I don't think it is :(
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This is the best LS Skin I found!

Absolutely awesome!
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Nice. But..font looks weird to me [perhaps same issue as nitzua19] and weather reverts to original [in same manner as asterion]. Systray and taskbar begging for ckhotspot focus on mouseover for usability. Very cool though.
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i'm really not sure what causes all the problems with the themevars.rc. i have problems in other themes i've built, it's probably something retarded i'm doing. you can just move the URL var from themevars.rc to theme.rc and that should fix it up.

i'm thinking the font issue may be a client side problem. perhaps you have other versions of helvetica installed and ls is getting confused? you could always use Swis721 Cn BT, that's just as elegant.
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very nice man! amazing setup
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just an exeptional piece, this is.
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Volume Slider was a bit bugged, I fixed it.
I also modded your theme. I was wondering if I could release it.


please let me know what you think of it!
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how was it bugged?

and sure, this theme is open source. just credit me as the original author.
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gets frozen when you close the menu sometimes. I sped up the fade time and it fixed it, but I don't know if its my computer or the coding lol.

okies ^^ what do you think of my mod?
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any ideas as to why the weather station location keeps reverting to Sydney? i've dug thru the script/theme.rc and i don't see anything that would be resetting the var "URL".
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because the default weather location is sydney, australia (my location). the weather url var is controlled in themeVars.rc.
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er. no. it keeps reverting to the default. meh. nevermind. there was an issue with metapad when i went to manually edit the var.
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Imma try my hand with this one. Looks like a lot of fun!
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this one is great :headbang: thx
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I'm really liking this, I'm running it at the moment, in fact. I'm probably going to play around with it, and add/delete things to my liking. I had a few changes I wanted to make right off the bat as well:

-mail count indicator
-no color in tray icons
-hideable/hotkey activated launch/run box

I'll be in #nuance, hopefully I'll catch you there.

Also, I couldn't get the provided font to work with the theme for the life of me. Basically, I installed the one you included, and it just kept giving me the default (arial?) font when I'd reload the config. I have the fonts set as Segoe UI right now, but I'd really dig it if I could use that condensed Helvetica you're using, or the medium version Christian is running right now. He was trying to help me get one of them to work earlier, but to no avail. I actually got another shittier version of Helvetica Condensed that I have to work, but like I said it looked terrible in some spots.
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Oh, and the volume slider wasn't working for me or Christian...
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