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So I'm trying to find ways to get points, as I can't buy any myself (I want to get Premium Membership). I considered doing commissions, but honestly I have no idea how much should an artwork cost :/ I've never bought any art, so I haven't really looked into the prices before. I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

I can't do digital art because my tablet doesn't behave, and I have no idea what's wrong with it. But here are some examples of what I can do:

OC - Raffael by ThatKiku Be My Valentine by ThatKiku Sign of Affection by ThatKiku Meet Dorios by ThatKiku Coal Drawing - Mutant by ThatKiku

I'm still studying human anatomy, so I prefer not to draw full body. Although I can try if needed.
I can also draw animals, OC-s, etc.
But I can't draw a real human (copy from a photo for example). This is one of my biggest flaws. I have difficulty capturing the right facial structure.

:bulletblack: I've also heard of other types of commissions. I can cut out stock, for example. I have some precuts in my gallery. But I've understood that that doesn't cost much at all?

:bulletblack: And I can do photomanipulation. I actually haven't seen any photomanipulation commissions, so how and for what purpose are those usually done? And that probably costs more, yes?

Watcher by ThatKiku Becoming a Demon by ThatKiku To Be On The Other Side Of The Door by ThatKiku

Help please? (:
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