New Laptop Means Working Tablet!

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Hey people! Some days ago, our bigger laptop (I have a mini) suddenly went broken. Turned out, our only choice was to buy a new one. Dad didn't waste time and yesterday he brought the new one home.

I didn't waste time either. I actually thought there was something wrong with our tablet and not the computers, since it didn't work with neither our old computer or the previous laptop, so you can imagine how happy I was discovering this wasn't the case. With the new computer, our tablet works!

I immediately downloaded Paint Tool SAI and then looked for Photoshop (I discovered Adobe now lets people download CS2 for free. Another news that made me happy). Got them working, and I can now start producing both digital drawings and even better photomanipulations (aside from this stock account, I also have one for my different kinds of arts: ThatKiku.

So, the point is that I'm happy. And that I'm now doing point commissions for digital art. YAY! :D See my Commissions widget if interested.

My first piece now that the tablet is working again:
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