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So, here I am again, featuring my own art as promised. That is photomanipulation, traditional art and also photography that can be found on my other account ThatKiku.
There's not much, because what I mainly consider my art, and what's taking away most of my 'creative time', is my writing and that can't be found here on dA.
If you're interested, you can find my fiction (all fantasy and mostly romance) on Wattpad, my username being KristinaVallaste. Or simply click here -> KristinaVallaste on
I must warn you, though: you might not be able to read most of my stuff, in case you don't happen to speak Estonian. But I do have two of my stories translated. (Or one, actually. The other has still quite many chapters left to be translated.)

Anyway, back to my dA art. The reason I'm such a showoff... well, firstly is because I just am, lol.
Secondly, my other account isn't exactly popular and some of my stuff seem to have no views at all that aren't mine.
Thirdly, I'm planning a journal entry featuring art made with my stock, and I'm hoping, by the time I'm getting to it, at least one more notification of my stock being used comes my way (:

Now, here they are. My 'masterpieces'. lol

:bulletorange: Traditional Art

Meet Dorios by ThatKiku Sign of Affection by ThatKiku Coal Drawing - Mutant by ThatKiku

Btw, I could use some criticism. I'm still figuring out how to draw human anatomy (:

:bulletorange: Photomanipulation

Isk alaecit isi glde, isi lene by ThatKiku Becoming a Demon by ThatKiku Angel in City Ruins by ThatKiku To Be On The Other Side Of The Door by ThatKiku At Twilight by ThatKiku The Window by ThatKiku Wolf in the Shadows by ThatKiku Fairy Kitty by ThatKiku The Best Dance by ThatKiku Wandering on a poppy field by ThatKiku My guardian angel by ThatKiku Foggy Forest by ThatKiku Savanna by ThatKiku At a lake by ThatKiku :thumb257388384:

:bulletorange: Digital Art - Drawings

Northern Sky by ThatKiku Love n Dark by ThatKiku Fantasy by ThatKiku Neopets Tyrannian Lupe by ThatKiku Siting Cat by ThatKiku

:bulletorange: Photography

Under an Oak Tree by ThatKiku Cat by ThatKiku Triibu by ThatKiku Flower by ThatKiku Kitty by ThatKiku

Photography on my other account can be used as stock, if you really want to. But you need to notify me, plus all my other rules apply. Back when I uploaded those, I didn't know about this stock-business yet.

I wish you all a good day and, though it might be a bit late for that now, happy New Year! :floating:
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