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Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
Okay, who am I kidding. No one has told me anything :invisible:

Anyway, I'm back to writing a journal because I promised there will be one featuring all the beautiful work you have done with my stock.
Btw, if you have used my stock too, but can't find it here, it doesn't mean your work is ugly. I just didn't pick them all. Or maybe you haven't let me know you've used my stock.

Before showing you the masterpieces, I want to thank all of you who has found my stock useful and has followed my rules. Once again, I encourage you to tell me when you use my work. I have a feeling not all of you do that. But how else I could give you a fav and drool over your beautiful creations?

:below:  :below:  :below:  :below:

:thumb305304992: :thumb318614975: :thumb321600967: Phioenix by OpheliaPhoenix

Mature Content

cake observation by DaWonderer
A Moment in Time by GwenLillietteGarland :thumb324717099: TO SIT IN THE SHADE . . . by Maneku back down... by DaWonderer Fae I by BloodOfLilith Vanitail by visiouscatlovet Container Lied by Gilrael STOCK MANIPULATION by efvdesigns Follow Him by Bickhamsarah Manitu by Chrisma60 Running Free by inner-outsider Who tied my hands to the wheel? by cylonka Let the dog out by BrotherGuy Violin by andrzejsiejenski Illusio by LakoDesigns Butterfly II by andrzejsiejenski

Wait, there's more...
So, I couldn't help but notice that a big part of my stock is used in manips with horses. And I believe it's not only me. I'm actually curious, though; what's the deal with that? Are those images used on Howrse or something? If so, I must be credited on the image itself! I'm not telling people have to stop using my stock for horse manipulations - art is art, and I cant dictate how your art should look like, as far as it's nothing offensive. I'm simply curious (:

Fire in the Sky by moondragonwings :thumb323898416: :thumb346173192: Into the darkness by horsezrule11 These Wings Are Made To Fly by jasmineleeper

And this,

Me and Pony Creator by gianjos

If there's anyone who doesn't want their work being featured, just let me know.
© 2013 - 2020 K1ku-Stock
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Thanks for featuring my Wings Are Made To Fly piece
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Thank you for featuring my manipulation using your stock.

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You're welcome :D
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Wonderful works featured! Thanks very much for including mine! :D
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Thank you for featuring my pony game :)
haha about the 'horses thing', like you said, I think this doesn't happen only with your stocks. It's probably because most of manips (in general) are horse/ pony themed...
although 'ponies' is not some of my usual subjects ;)

There are many possibilities (traditional horses, ponies, magical horses, centaurs, unicorns, pegasus) and every little girl loves horses (or ponies) and most of women too ( I know I do ;P).
Horses are intrinsically related to fantasy and to the concept of freedom. I think that's why.

Besides that, there is the 'my little pony' fandom thing.
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Yeah, this all could be :) I just wondered, because a lot of people like cats and dogs, too, and I believe there are many manipulations with them. But I haven't seen them as much as horse manips.
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Thanks for the feature! :D
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You're welcome! :hug:
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Thank you for featuring :), there a lot of nice manips here
K1ku-Stock's avatar
You're welcome! :dance:
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Thank you for featuring my work! It means a lot :glomp:
K1ku-Stock's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
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they're all so nice! Thanks for the feature, it means a lot! :iconluvluvplz:
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You're welcome! :D
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Absolutely brilliant feature with great artists
Thank you for includin me in your beautiful feature,my friend!I'm very honored!
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You're welcome! :hug:
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It's my pleasure :icontruesmiles:
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