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What Snails Do by k1haku What Snails Do :iconk1haku:k1haku 0 0 Captured Gems by k1haku Captured Gems :iconk1haku:k1haku 2 2 Droplets by k1haku Droplets :iconk1haku:k1haku 0 0 Drowning Leaf by k1haku Drowning Leaf :iconk1haku:k1haku 1 0 Kate Beckinsale by k1haku Kate Beckinsale :iconk1haku:k1haku 4 4 Anne Hathaway by k1haku Anne Hathaway :iconk1haku:k1haku 5 2
A sinister existence in the crowd
      I heard him talk in the background,
  " . . . earliest accounts I possess of my progenitors."
That's him . . . handkerchiefly speaking.
Oh boast!
    But certainly sensuous.
He pulled out my apron-strings,
        And hand me a pocket handkerchief.
That's it.  I'm naked in front of him.
Oh bliss!
     I can't miss!
A sinister!
      "Madamoiselle will have the goodness to give me ten francs."
"If only you would scrub my toes and kiss my shoes . . ."
                                  I'm an excellent princess.
Oh Paris!
          You're better than Rome!
:iconk1haku:k1haku 0 0
An Art Extraordinaire
Starting off with quite a blow, he works in maintenance at day and an art thief extraordinaire at night.  Quite charming, at first glance.  Rather deceitful, at third glimpse.  Why skip the second?  Because he will not be there.  
Having quite an eye for details, he would make such one magnificent officer of the law; however, he is more concern of being free rather than abiding by what is supposed to be touchstones of being ordinarily civil.  He doesn't like to stay in the sidelines.  In some sense, he will go beyond the standard measure to get what his eyes have caught, leaving no prints nor mark but just a picture of what is supposed to be there—just a mere memory for the people who have seen what once is beautiful masterpiece.
Polished, lustrous, shiny gold and silver—no, he isn't into that.  What he wants is consummate, creative, cultivated, crafty, cultured masterpiece: as a person might say,
:iconk1haku:k1haku 1 5
I Stopped And Rewound
You . . . I stopped wondering about you two seconds ago.  I started wondering about another the second after two seconds ago.  I would wake up every morning thinking what was it that I'm supposed to be glad about—every morning since I've known you.  I used to look at your picture and say, "You."  But not anymore.  It was my fault.  I didn't turn when you called my name in that room with the old piano, because I couldn't feel anything.  I was tired.  Just plain tired.
People thought I was being selfish when I was simply trying to be happy, so I started to please everybody; however, everybody wasn't very easy to please—I was still selfish in every direction.  Long time ago, I had a friend who would listen to my attempts of understanding me, and then he stopped because he couldn't deal with all my changes that I've come to learn while being with you.  I thought the changes were gr
:iconk1haku:k1haku 0 8
Magic Mushroom
A girl wandered aimlessly through the suburban town of hers, bored out of her mind.  "Each day, this place turns green," she told herself, looking around, breathing all her surroundings that, in her perspective, were all candy-colored.
"You aren't Hansel or Gretel, so why do you see these buildings like that?  No, don't answer that.  Have you heard the story of the legendary penny who wanted to become a foot?"
Shocked, she slowly turned to where the voice was coming from, "A speaking mango tree.  Entertain me."
The speaking mango tree told the girl the story of the diddly life of a penny: his rather appalling but moving journey.  "There was only one happenstance that made a difference upon the life of this petty, paltry, piddling penny," he told the girl.
"I see what you did there, but go on.  No pause.  Enlighten me," pushed the girl.
"All right.  The event that changed the course of the penny's life was w
:iconk1haku:k1haku 0 0
Title is too long for this
Why Use Your Bare Feet, When You Have a Special Wing?
In a street in Berlin, you were stuck, walking, feeling the whole world under your bare feet.  Scared.  Breathing heavily.  Choked up.  Which way should you turn?  Suddenly, you've remembered that place you used to go.  A tall building in Berlin.  A place for hiding.  A place for fresh air.  "Are they still looking for me?" you asked yourself.
You love Berlin, but you couldn't stand the people.  As you slowly ages, the feeling of mortality has been eating you.  Back in the days, when you were ten, carelessly running around the city, happily playing with trees instead of other children, you've got nothing to worry.  October 24th, 1998 was your eleventh birthday, so you rushed home because you know what has been waiting for you.  There it was.  Balloons.  Hang on.  T
:iconk1haku:k1haku 1 0
Something for Love
"I still love you."
How is that working out for you?  You gave me a dress.  I loved it and then stained it.  Black.  Red.  White.  Blue.  Tell me again.  Because I've forgotten, the lovely color it used to be.  You run around numbers; I roll over paints.  Tell me.  How are we meant to be?
"You're beautiful, and I hereby present this poem for you."
I'm moved.  No.  Not really.  I'm not what you expect to be.  I'm a writer.  A painter.  A mess.  An artist.  An erratic.  I'll just hurt you.  Break you.  Fix you.  Love you.  Hurt you again.  Over and over again.  You've tried to fix me.  Fix us.  Yet I'm violently breaking what you've beautifully created.  You will never find love in a heart of a damsel w
:iconk1haku:k1haku 1 12
A Fish
MAN:  Some men say that the common source of vexation for them is women.  However, for me, my vexation has always been death.  I am alive today to tell the tale.  I died as a fish and woke up as a man—that is the tale; the rest of the story are depictions that are supposed to move all of you.
When I was a fish, I lived in a bowl—a circular, shiny substance from hell.  That's what vexes all the fish, aside from the fact that the fate of most of them could end up in your dining table.  If most of you are wondering, it is rather silly for me to eat fish, so I don't.  Now that I'm a man, what vexes me is where the hell I am going to end up someday.  If I died, what am I going to be next?  A tree?  A butterfly?  [A five-second pause here.  The man looks at the audience intently.]  Now, that I'm a man, I can love.
I remember the wom
:iconk1haku:k1haku 2 4
Gypsy WIP by k1haku Gypsy WIP :iconk1haku:k1haku 1 2 Disenchanted by k1haku Disenchanted :iconk1haku:k1haku 2 0
Golden Locket: Ch. 1, part 1
Chapter I
The King, the Queen, the Island and the Wanderer
Somewhere between United Kingdom and the boundary line of Netherlands and Belgium, there lies an incongruently diminutive island that nobody on face of the Earth has ever heard of, ever been to or ever walked on.  Before the natives even dare to speak of the place, people from other known places will mock them, if not they are sent to either an insane asylum or prison for causing a ridiculous pandemonium, which nobody even know why or since when speaking of a place became a pandemonium or why it is even happening.
In this island, there exists one village, that looks nothing more like a mere village wherein the tenants seem to only know nothing more than to pillage, plunder, and desecrate; but, the truth behind all the judgment is, they are just a bunch of tenuous, assiduous people, whose lives begin every 6'o clock in the morning and are desperate to have a new life, other than the perpetual work, home and some
:iconk1haku:k1haku 1 0


Stemuli by imimiji Stemuli :iconimimiji:imimiji 3 0
To Be A Writer
To be a writer
Means to have yet another excuse for bad behavior.
It means that when I sit next to you and I am wrestling the
smoke from your cigarette like a bear I want to believe
we'll end up on the floor in gritty film rolls and beer cans
and start to choke.
Because I remember how the whiskey made her eyes
shine and her her hair a swimming pool. When she took
me aside and said
"You two are going to destroy each other," with a little
Parisian smile. Expecting one day to read great mythology
that we made with bread knives we stuck in each other's
So one day I felt like being more clever than
romantic and I caught you by the shoulder
And I said,
"You know, we're going to destroy each other."
You didn't laugh but I saw you wanted to because
your mouth was like a tepid hurricane and your hands
were reaching out the window to throw a tree at me.
And you said,
"No, darling, I don't have time for that."
It was spring and all that was in your hands
was rabbit water and flowers.
You kn
:iconsnow-machine:Snow-Machine 48 16
Lucien X by djailledie Lucien X :icondjailledie:djailledie 61 17 The Candlemen Will Come For You by CatCouch The Candlemen Will Come For You :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 316 150 Waiting at the wrong bus stop by david-sladek Waiting at the wrong bus stop :icondavid-sladek:david-sladek 25,630 1,907 Alien Bust - Sheet by Rhythem02 Alien Bust - Sheet :iconrhythem02:Rhythem02 455 24 Monster Sculpture wip by Guesscui Monster Sculpture wip :iconguesscui:Guesscui 22 7 The Tapestry of Our Universe by Blakmyre The Tapestry of Our Universe :iconblakmyre:Blakmyre 19 13 Asylum-1-8 by erwintirta Asylum-1-8 :iconerwintirta:erwintirta 606 736 Who's There? by Blakmyre Who's There? :iconblakmyre:Blakmyre 91 34 The Recital by minoart2 The Recital :iconminoart2:minoart2 28 3 dbz by AtomiccircuS dbz :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 574 51 Blackbird by Mezamero Blackbird :iconmezamero:Mezamero 26,816 1,290 Fire is in me by Chimeria Fire is in me :iconchimeria:Chimeria 50 24 Soloria portrait by DNA-1 Soloria portrait :icondna-1:DNA-1 2,918 134 Twins by wlop Twins :iconwlop:wlop 7,239 287


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My new hobby: go to random places, look for somebody interesting or look for an interesting conversation, write a story about that somebody or write a story about that interesting conversation, upload it on dA.

Another new hobby: go to random places, look for somebody who has a good-looking back, draw it, give it to them(?) and/or upload it on dA.

A suggestion for hobby: chase insects.


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Favourite cartoon character: Stewie and The doctor (Ha! Yeah, I went there.)



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