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Fox eyes shine
A glimpse into the dark
Pools reflect sparks unseen
Memories distant
of closeness and melding
Through the veil of time
Are you calling for me?

Wind rattles the leaves,
Pulls the dark cloak about the sky,
Stars and moon dissolve into black velvet.
Wet dew blankets the forest,
joining life with mist's night chill.

Lightning cracks the atmosphere
Awoken drenched in icy sweat
and saguine warmth.
A mirror shines amidst nothingness --
a window to the world outside,
or self-reflecting infinite oblivion?
Ensconced in darkness,
a pale flame smeared with ink.

Glass shattering on the floor,
falling deep in water,
passion exploding
in harsh white light.
Blazing corona burning high
cleansing all in fire.

Sparks escape into vacuum,
damping to ash as they're blown,
carried from the tempest
on currents like cold metal.

Floating in auroral ether
amongst prismatic thought
painted with brushes
immersed in every perfect moment.
half remembered...only nostalgia
and feelings remind
of what has gone on before.

Now I am alone.  
and Alone.
The remnents of what has been
locked behind forgotten doors.

Has anything been done?
Has anything been learned?
Anything gone on
besides the ticking of the clock?

One candle shines,
reflected in a mirror.
A gas bulb flickers,
the electric glow falters between
self-sustainence and extinguishment,
as the candle is snuffed.
Visions of spectres dance
under the dying light
of a setting star,
as the universe unfolds
into darkness.

In the last flicker of sight,
is there another mirror
I see appear
to reflect the other
as consciousness transcends to void?
i'm supposed to describe poetry now? well, its about me. because obviously, i'm an egomaniac. and the piece of shit that the world revolves around. on another topic, what's up with these poetry categories? I've decided everything i write is probably going to fall into the "spiritual" category...probably not where it belongs, but whatever. i digest.
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January 16, 2006
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