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....No idea for the title q__q ;; 

hnng i had this picture in mind since me and Rae rped them ~ **9 
the ultimate shoujo scene

i am actually much more active on twitter if you are interested hu / - /

Tyler and Tylor belong to me and Rae-Nerdy 
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The composition is stunning ;-; I love the shading overall too! This is a beautiful piece :heart:
Reddomi's avatar
I totally love this!
It's so atmospheric and so pleasing to look at quq/♥
I really like the tiny details quq
KRMi-e's avatar
unicown's avatar
wwha i love this !!! aquariums are my absolute favorite *__* <3
denya-chan's avatar
Whoaw, this is so beauitful and romantic~! ; //u// ;
Well done!! ^^-
K0ii's avatar
thank you ///
FrostTheFloatzel's avatar
Wow. Your art is always beautiful.
K0ii's avatar
thank you so much Q  A Q
Hound3's avatar
It's so beautiful like always awesome job ; A;
I love your background work its soooo cute all the fish !
and they two are so nice done !
it feels like everyone stalk them stare fro the opposite side
K0ii's avatar
akhkhfg///y-you commented-
thank you  homme QAQ it means a lot ;///;
i am happy you like it even if we dont see them that much TTvTT
I love tyty so muuuuchhh u know-
Hound3's avatar
yes  QHQ I am just late //full inbox hides form it 
baka I always tell you what I think e -  e 
I love it lots is beautiufl like always QQ  
you love htem too much O H O 
K0ii's avatar
i am always late too anyway -  
//same full inbox // hides behind your back
i know but but still sweet to get a comment from you / -  / 
noo its neveeer too much OAO
/clings to our bbies >>
ChromeXVII's avatar
Aaaah- C'est magnifique as usual. :'III /rollsrolls/
K0ii's avatar
ajdfjfhg merci beaucoup-
usual usual... i dunno- TTvTT
ChromeXVII's avatar
Mais y a pas de quoi- //A// /rolls/
Sisisi as usual- //n//
chillua's avatar
pls teach me how to do bg---- //slapped
K0ii's avatar
i dont really know how to do them in fact - TTvTT;;
chillua's avatar
BUT I LOVE YOUR BGS THE MOST OMG :iconsempaicrydesuplz:
Memo-ru's avatar
et hop, en fond d'écran X)
K0ii's avatar
c'est pas trop petit pour un fond d'écran? OAO
Memo-ru's avatar
non de justesse
cherrysoff's avatar
i really love your art ♥ 
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