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wtf am i DOING

Mixing old and new techniques . Trying to establish the things I liked from my 2009-2012 self that I can incorporate to my current (2014-2015) self.

I think a lot of it for me was being less fearless. I think when I was learning I was more open to trying to new things and really do anything and everything. I think over time I became a little less edgy . I want to see if I can bring that back into my work but with a higher quality and execution.
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love how you made that mix of greens, blues and yellow sing.
giselleukardi's avatar
Really love the colours here!
joelduggan's avatar
Vibrant. I wonder what this magical place would look like at night...
k04sk's avatar
guess ill have to try it haha
joelduggan's avatar
I fully endorse this completely original and not-at-all-suggested-by-some-guy-who-follows-you-online idea!
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i actually tried it out and posted my result on my instagram , i failed at it this first time , but i learned a couple of things i wanna do different to approach it , so i may try it again when i have some time!
joelduggan's avatar
Awesome. I'll check it out!
FraserM9477's avatar
Very impressive use of curves, I really enjoy your works where you arrange the composition to create a sort of mystic interaction between curved shapes/circles. Good work as alway! (Still a major fanboy haha)
retardeddoormatt's avatar
Yer doing awesome work dawg
brynjones's avatar
I'd love to be able to explore this kind of environment  in a video game. This is superb!
Lyraina's avatar
Lovely work Kalen. Those colors are so fressshhh and beautiful!
k04sk's avatar
thanks so much for the kind words johanna . I hope all is well with you!
lloydmarquart's avatar
The colors and the lighting are beautiful!
milyKnight's avatar
Stunning use of color! :heart:
Only1TrueJony's avatar
I absolutely love your use of colors in this. It give the environment so much life and beauty yet adding this sort of mysterious and out of this world feeling, it's hard to describe. This is a great piece! 
MadHatterPunk's avatar
This is great!! I love the lighting of the landscape.
Dyru's avatar
i think so mix works! :)
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y0j1m80's avatar
very reminiscent of tomscholes' work, but also original. i like what you bring to it.
k04sk's avatar
y0j1m80's avatar
yeah, keep it up! i can't wait to see what you come out with next.
Sean--Evans's avatar
Slow down bro!!!
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