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SOOOOOOOOOOO here are my brushes . Most of these are not mine but a combination of many many many brushes that I have collected over the years. Out of all of them these were the ones that work best for me : )

I am sure this will be an ongoing process as I learn to be more efficient

Some of the people that I can remember that these brushes came from were

shaddy safadi
whit bracna

and many many more , ne ways enjoy
© 2010 - 2021 k04sk
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Sorry for the dumb question but what program are these for?
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photoshop . thought these were made like forever ago so im not sure if they work with future versions . I may need to update em
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Thanks friend, thats amazing :)
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Great! Thank you!
thank you for sharing!
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these brushes are really nice. thank you for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing! :D
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Used here Eternal Darkness by DeniseWorisch  Thank you so much! :heart:
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well, that is a big collection
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Thanks for sharing! :D
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There are some really awesome brushes here but there's so many XD how the hell do you find the one you need?
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I kind of organize them in groups a little bit , most of it is muscle memory , tho now there is a lot of hot keys and buttons now that organize brushes and stuff I need to look into it more 
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thank you very much!
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Thank You so much!
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Yaaaeeeh!Thanks so much!!!:tighthug:!!!
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Many thanks, good sir!
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Wow, thank you. Flirtatious 
 I am most grateful
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I don't even think I'm using these right, but thanks for sharing. I remember trying these out a few years back and being frustrated now I think I kinda know what I'm doing better but it's hard to work with someone's tools. 
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