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Mirrors Edge

By k04sk
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Some stuff I did awhile ago at Work. Our Company was doing a pitch to try to get the rights to do a Mirrors Edge i-phone game. We never got it, but I remember it was first time someone relied on me to do a character illustration. It was kind of scary , but it came out rather well. Did some quick thumbnails and jumped right in ( I have the thumbs on my blog) . Granted I learned a great deal since then so I don't like it. Then again I am never Really satisfied haha

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WOW! Amazing work.
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I didn't have a good pc when this game came out so i never got to buying it. Is it worth it? does the story make up for the short story line as I am told?
One of my favorite Mirror's Edge Artworks around!
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nice pic, only thing is you could made the lines with gradient so they lose some opasity. sorry for bad english ...
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bauhaus-ish, I like it.
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Wow this is incredible
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1. AWESOME artwork! 2. AWESOME game!
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WOA! very nice one :D I love the game :)
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this game is AWESOME
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I love this game and love this image!! :D great work
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Makes me want to jump off a building WEEEE!
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I love this game, a lot. Even today it's a beautiful game, and nothing has toped it yet( I think) Fantastic work!!
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Too bad the print didn't turn out in the end.
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This is amazing:)
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that is badass! i love the viewpoint you used
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is it just me or i dont se her "tattoe" on her left eye >.< ....otherwise AWESOME work 5 stars dude =)
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The rear hand looks a little messed up, but overall it's pretty sweet :D
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hahah knew someone would eventually notice , yeah never got around to fixing it. some day I will lolol
Hey man, I really like this :)

Do you mind if I use this as a stencil? Your work is amazing.
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what do u mean a stencil?
stencil... like stencil art, graffiti art. I'm going to make it into a stencil and put it on a canvas. something like this [link]
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