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K04sk Gimp Brushes

Credits go to :iconkudlaty25: for converting almost all of my brush pack into Gimp Brushes . SO BE SURE TO THANK HIM!! (and also bug him if they don't work hehe)

So I hope this helps out you Gimp guys , I have never touched the program before but I might try it one of these days.

so yeah have fun with em let me see what you guys do

quick reminder these brushes were made in 2011 and I have never used gimp so if they dont work anymore i cant help ya . I would suggest reaching out to the artist above for more info :)
© 2011 - 2021 k04sk
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I really want to thank you for these brushes. They're really going to make my life easier!

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Hey son of a bitch your fucking brushes do not extract correctly on Linux, you're a fucking tool if you're using the Gimp on Windows

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Chill the fuck out dude. Shouldn't be hating one people, especially because of their preference to operating systems. How about don't be lazy and do your research on how to do them properly on Linux? Simple as that dude.

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It's people like this that are the reason we are failing as a society

You need a hug or a drink or Jesus or something..

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Let's play "Spot The Elitist With Zero Reason To Be One" everyone.

A real elitist doesn't need reasons

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I probably should not interrupt because I just spotted that comment looking for brushes...but damn dude, chill!

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the image description provides information about the gimp brushes . I did not create them nor have I used gimp .youre best bet is to reach out to the person who created them for me . their profile should be in the description . hope that helps

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The greyscale issue can be fixed by opening all the gbr files, going image->mode-> grayscale and re exporting the image. They can then be put dirrectly in the brushes folder. Grayscale brushes utilize the foreground color while painting.

it doesn't work?? i try load them into GIMP and it keeps sayign it failed

Thank you, k04sk.

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doesnt work peeples

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never mind... FIXED THE GRAYSCALE ISSUE. Probably an easier way of doing this, since mine is a brush-by-brush fix, but in case anyone needs it :

1) right click on brush and open as image

2) image - mode- grayscale

3) right click on the image itself and click to override the old file

4) refresh brushes

5) now it gives the colour! :D happy days!

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Thank you very much

For me they are set to RGB, when I set them to greyscale it becomes grey, if I set them to RGB they are only black.

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Make sure to follow the steps exactly, it worked for me. And make sure to change the color to something else like blue to make sure it works. You also gotta hit the overwrite option. If it still doesn't work then I don't know.

Thank you very much you glorious human being you!

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