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Environment Tutorial Painting

By k04sk
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So here is the final painting based off the tutorial I did for a friend. I have never done one before but it was fun experience. Definitely not easy as it sounds. I hope it helps some people

thanx for looking

you can view the tutorial here [link]
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This looks really awesome and I'm trying to do it right now but somewhere after the 3rd~4th image my capabilities for going from fuzzy shapes / obvious brushstrokes to refined detailed things fails. The thumbs are small to see what you did in the later steps so I gave to consult the final image and try to piece it together. But don't mistake my criticism for being unappreciative! I still love to see these tutorials! I kept looking through your pages and see you also do digital tutors, so maybe I'll sign up for that!
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The tutorial is pretty out dated I think I did this in 2009 . But yes I have better video tutorials now on my gumroad. I appreciate the support !! Thanks again
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i really enjoy this fantasy like mood. Dragged me away from the first moment i saw it. Nice!
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I wish I could live on that mountain!! Well done!
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Your beautiful artwork has been featured here: [link]
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Very beautiful sceane, going to give your tutorial a try. (im a big noob ^_^)
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Do you mind tell me where to get those brush you use?
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its on my gallery under brushes , heres a link if you have trouble finding it [link]
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Supreme. Inspired me like nothing has in months.
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Thanks for the tutorial !
I want to try this style of drawing, but i use Gimp... i hope i can realize a good job with it ^^

Wonderful landscape, really :)
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im glad it could help . i look forward to seeing what you come up with
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this is breathtaking...
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bought this as a print ^_^
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haha really , i had no idea u could but it as a print?!
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also it inspired my oceania piece but i did it no justice XD
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I loved this image even at thumbnail size *_________*
the atmosphere is great, all this nice purple makes it so magical é^è perspective and composition are beautiful too **
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Gorgeous! Definitely giving your tut a looksee
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ya its like... on a forum, when you like something, you can give it a rating, and usually its like "+1" =P
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