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I mostly do traditional hand sketches of mainly anything whether if it is creating my own OCs or just some fan art. I'm trying to do more of my own stuff rather than just fan art, though. I am a huge Alien (franchise), Tim Burton and Pink Floyd fan. Please give some feedback to my artworks and also give some suggestions on what I should draw. I hopefully will try and keep what I draw varied in themes and styles and will also sometimes submit not just drawings. Check out my watchers and friends, they do awesome art as well.


Hey, so my family just got a google home and hoping to play whatever music on it, but then it said we needed YouTube premium or all this other subscription-based stuff. then I discovered that we could get Chromecast. Would Chromecast make those music subscription things free? or is it just a remote, but your phone or Google Home? Is it be worth getting a Chromecast as well if we have a Google Home?
Just wondering how Gerald Scarfe and his team would've made the things of neon during this 'What Shall We Do Now?' clip? specifically when just before the flower eats the other flower and turns into a bat-like thing. There's another scene like this after the wall goes through the church and breaks it, then the remains of the church go down and are rebuilt into this neon sphinx thing. So if anyone can tell me how this would've been made, it'll me much appreciated, thanks in advance. Here's the link to the song:…
This isn't really a serious thing, but I do find it REALLY annoying, depressing and sad. (this is going to be a long one) So throughout the first half of my time in High School (about from the start of 8 to the end of 9 or 10) I was VERY annoyed with everyone. Just because (in my mind, at the time), everyone was just being trouble-makers. I liked a lot of my classes and teachers and liked high school other than the kids. I was a quiet person who never talked (and was probrably quite rude, at times, even though that was never really the intention) Then, when year 10 came around, my thoughts changed, I saw that I actually liked being involved and social. I really wanted to do that, but there was one problem, it was too late, the people at school already saw me as the quiet, antisocial person, so because of that, nobody ever talked to me. Everyone just walked by me, thinking that I'll never talk. I find it hard to start talking to people. So I found myself being pulled down more and more. I found myself sort of just going kind of crazy because of it. I tried so hard to talk to people to the point where I made an art project based on it. But by then I was too late, everyone graduated and i lost any chances of making friends with those people. Now, I'm at TAFE studying full time and find myself back where i was in year 10, annoyed, sad and depressed, just wanting to be him instead of embarrassing myself in front of people. I really want to make friends and show people who i really am, one problem that happened was that i chose to study part time in semester 1, so the students at TAFE only saw me for two classes every week, now in semester 2, I'm studying full time and find myself never wanting to be there at any class or break because nobody talks to me, i know that i could start a conversation with someone, but it's hard when people think of me as the weird anti-social person and when everyone already has a group to go to. I know it seems really weird, but sometimes in class, i just don't know where an appropriate place is to look, like should i be looking at people? Should i be looking down, i have no idea. Everything is just frustrating at TAFE, and i know that if people really knew me, they would probably like me, maybe be a little annoyed at me at times, but overall like me. One other thing that i find hard is being around girls since i really don't want them to think I'm a creep or have a crush on them, cause i don't.
If anyone can give me some pointers, that'll be much appreciated, thanks.
So, I just quickly made a biplane sketch on sketchup, which I'll eventually use in the artwork. And I used the perspective thing to help, which has lead me to 2 choices Option 1 or Option 2? Although I do want the person to be shown (Option 1), alot of people are suggesting Option 2.

Option 1…

Option 2…


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