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Please help feed a hungry octopus ;;v;;


Style A[Drawing]                                 Style B [Painting]







+Simple BG:


Additional Character: +50% of the original price


  • NSFW

  • Furries, Mechas

  • Explicit gore (ask for limits)


  • I’ll beginn the work only after payment

  • There will only be refund, If I happen to cancel the commission

  • Final pieces will be posted in my gallery [unless you tell me not to u w u]

Payment & Contact

  • Payment through PayPal only

  • Twitter: kuroopuchi

  • Deviantart: k-uroopuchi

  • Email:

  • don’t hesitate to ask me questions owo)/

please follow these steps when you pay u w u

it’s a slightly annoying issue for artists

Tagged by: :icongalecoroco: ehuehue--- //lurks

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 Facts about me:
3. I don't like bugs
4. I'm pretty much an internet and phone addict--- ahahah...:iconmingplz: //Ihavenolife
5. I like people wth pretty voices :iconureshiiplz: so if you can sing cmere and let me hear your voiceee *W*
6. I love Stitch its the cutest thing ever <3
7. I don't like to wear dresses!
8. I'm chinese with a german passport
9. without glasses I'm blind af
10. not getting enough sleep :iconmilly-foxplz:

Questions I was asked:
1. How old are you? (Be honest to yourself =w= )
2. Bacon?
:iconasdfghplz: BACON YAS 
3. In which anime/game's world would you want to live in?
Attack on Titan NO I STILL WANNA LIVE! ok...prolly SAO =v= for the game ehuehuee
4. Which movie are you looking forward to see?
 I still needa watch BigHero 6 x'D
5. If you can meet one of your OCs, what would you want to speak to him/her? (If you have none, choose your favorite official character)
ahahaa--- If I were to meet the twins...I'm so very gomen for everything I've done to you gais :iconpapmingplz:
6. What is your favorite subject in school?
biology owo)b and arts class ofc ehue 
7. What did you have for breakfast?
I....don' breakfast :iconmingplz:
8. Name 3 things you do the best
sleep, poop, eat 
9. If you can read only one book for the whole life, which one would you pick, and why?
hngg--- all the books I read have multiple parts TTmTT 
but i guess--- I would read Harry Potter ;;v;; because whai not?! Harry Potter was my childhood! I'm still waiting for my hogwards letter :iconsoemotionalplz:
10. I love you
aishiteru dayo~ :iconasdfghplz:

My Questions~
1.Whats your favorite food?
2.Dogs or Cats?
3.Where do you live? ///so I can stalk you
4.Do you like potatoes? owo)b
5.What's your favorite anime/manga? 
6.Android or Apple? 
7.What's your favorite animal?
8.What's the first thing on your left?
9. What's the last anime/show you've watched?
10. I'm under your bed :iconheplz:

I tagggg these people o w o

just wanted to drop by and say that I'm not dead yet...and definitively didn't forget about the people I'm RPing with....or I'm supposed to send a starter ;;W;; 
The past few weeks/days have been kinda busy for me, filled with school events and other shit I need to finish x-x
I promise I will get to them this weekend!!! :iconuhuhuhuplz: gomenneeee

~Noragami-RP Group opening~

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 22, 2015, 11:59 AM
Heyy owo 
The group :iconnoragami: is soon having an opening again  (: 
Like the name says it's about the manga/anime Noragami and you can RP as Gods, Shinkis or Phantoms owo)b
feel free to drop by :iconasdfghplz:


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 8:45 AM
  • Listening to: MUSIC *u*
  • Reading: MANGA *u*
  • Watching: ANIME *u*
  • Playing: Gods Eater, KH, Pkmn ~ GAMES *u*
  • Eating: FOOD *u*
  • Drinking: WATER *u*
AMMGGGG I GOT MYSELF A 3DS XL TODAYYY *m* //intense breathing 
good-bye life and grades :iconmingplz:'s my friend code, feel free to add me *w*

Friend-Code: 4613-9014-8509

games that I currently own for it...Pkmn Rumble and X ovo but imma get Sapphier next week and tons of other ruin my life :iconmingtearsplz:

My Deviantart-Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 7:29 AM
  • Listening to: MUSIC *u*
  • Reading: MANGA *u*
  • Watching: ANIME *u*
  • Playing: Gods Eater, KH, Pkmn ~ GAMES *u*
  • Eating: FOOD *u*
  • Drinking: WATER *u*
woott~~ for the supa cool badget~ xD ...ok where to beginnn...
So first..even though it says on my page that im barely on DA for one year |D... I started on Deviantart 4 years ago, when I moved away from my hometown. My best friend introduced me to DA so yeahh xD I was unhappy with my first account so I made a new one.
When I moved into a new country and a new home I felt really unsecure about everything and I didn't really had much contact with the online-world, but after joining Deviantart I found some really nice friends which really helped me through my first few months in China (my new home).
It was also because of Deviantart, why I decided to continue my development as an artist. I was quite a beginner back then xD. If I didn't join Deviantart I would have never thought of getting a tablet and start digital art and stuff |D or even of thinking of continuing traditional art.
So ya...speaking of my first digital art...

cheerleader X3 by ImpureCat
this was literally my FIRST complete picture I made using gimp...ahahaa I knew NOTHING about digital art didn't read a single tutorial xD no layers,no anatomy, no proper lineart and probs no proper shading X_X ayyyy :iconpapmingplz: //stabbed

So ya...after I finally learned the proper use of an art program SAI and the proper use of lineart and stuff...this came out

Becky loves pudding by ImpureCat
<div wytiwyg="1" align="center>ayyy...better than the first one but still, I'm still far away from being somewhat decent</div>

After soem time and pretty much at the end of my first account I tried out digital painting since somehow clean lines didn't work out for me ^^"
Sora KH by ImpureCat
well...ya..I have to work on the colors..and probs everything else
 xD //doesn'tknowhowtousecolors //slapped

I'm always pretty busy with school and shet and on top I'm lazeh~~ that's why I don't finish most of my digital pictures...
So ya..after a while I noticed that my first account was pretty run down..I wasn't active in any groups and my watchers weren't active and stuff...and I was kinda unhappy with it.
So I decided to make a new one and join some RP-Groups as well >u<my new addiction |D
 In winter 2013 I tried painting once again...I think this time with a bit more success

-insert creative title here- by k-uroopuchi
wayy better than the last one xD but I still need a lot of improvment...and get over dat lazyness....

soo after some time of inactivity...mostly because i didn't have a tablet... I got somehow active again...and thats also my most recent picture..

Ghost by k-uroopuchi
ya...I wanted to make something different than anime style so for some time already I've been practicing some realism |D but meh..I'm a slow improver~~ still far away from what I imagine it to be..hurrhurr

during my time on deviantart I made AMAZING friends, which  are also amazing artists. I met senpais~ and senseis who influenced my art style and my future as an artist.

SO THATS IT FOLKS!! DEVIANTART IS AN AWESOME PLACE AND I LIKE ET *U* and I will defo stay here for some time more |D terrorizing you guys~~

fish ya later folks~ and hope that I will be more active in the future x-x

  • Listening to: MUSIC *u*
  • Reading: MANGA *u*
  • Watching: ANIME *u*
  • Playing: Gods Eater, KH, Pkmn ~ GAMES *u*
  • Eating: FOOD *u*
  • Drinking: WATER *u*

Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraStatus


Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraAwesome Peeps ouo

Orb Mini Pixel by GasaraBunny Family Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara
Mama: :iconyayanyau::iconjayjaytay: Papa: :icont-o-s-s:
Grandpa: :iconraehira: Aunt: :iconnocu: 

Orb Mini Pixel by GasaraPrecious BBYs~<3: Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara

Orb Mini Pixel by GasaraCool Artists go!stalk them >:3 Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara

Orb Mini Pixel by GasaraCrazy-retard-forever-a-child-best friend Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara

Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraGroups


Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraGroups I want to join ;u;

:iconyoukai-legends::iconre--volution::iconpokemonrainbow::icondoubutsuou::iconkh-escape:...know any medival Japanese RP groups like Youkai-Legends? ;u; suggest them pls~..

Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraPromotions

JOIN THE VOLLEY-FEVER ;;M;; ///come join the bearss--- 
Though its closing in a few days ///maybeyoucanstillmakeet!!
It's opening up in spring again, so get your lazy asses up and finish your app by then ;;v;; 
All the people are super dorky and kawaii :iconasdfghplz: come and show some love to them--- 

all these amazing pixles (c) Gasara