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The Pending Fate

By K-tetsu
"I wasn't pursuing Sephiroth... I was being summoned by him."
-Cloud, Final Fantasy VII

I love this just seemed to stick in my memory from when i first read it.

This is my Cloud costume from the Square Enix Game Kingdom Hearts, which I made for the World Cosplay Summit - Australian Heat, 2nd Preliminary round in Melbourne in late April 2008.

For WCS, you enter in pairs or "duos", and together with my cosplay duo; who is the Meow-solo to my Luke-meow Walker... the Doctor to My Jack... the lovely who is now the Sephiroth to my Cloud; :iconcescat: and I joined forces and become “Kraftwerk Ninjas” for the competition.
We won the Melbourne Preliminaries with our Kingdom Hearts Cloud & Sephiroth, and are now getting prepared for the Australian Heat Finals to be held at Sydney Animania on Sunday August 24th, 2008.

As a team, our aim is to do our best, challenge ourselves to do better than our previous cosplays, learn new skills and techniques and to share our passion of Cosplay with those around us…and enjoy doing it!

Model: Myself
Costume/Prop/Wig: Myself
Photography by the inspirational by :iconsaelle:

Disclaimer - I do not own this character
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RavynneNevyrmore's avatar
Amazing cosplay and amazing photo! Now this is everything a cosplay photo should be— so much more than a snapshot of a person in a wig! =)
obitouchihax's avatar
im not a big cloud fan but this is win right here
darn you and you're amazing cosplay! lol good job^^ and as always kudos to your very talented photographer
Consolos-rage's avatar
Maybe if clouds buster handle was longer the blade might not be as heavy...
K-tetsu's avatar
well, it wasn't too heavy to carry actually...and raito wise, the handle was proportional to the blade.
Consolos-rage's avatar
oh ^^" very embarrsed
KurohaneShizumi's avatar
What a shot! This has such an epic feel to it! <3
K-tetsu's avatar
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Adorable!! O______O
K-tetsu's avatar

*happy u commented on my pic*
ShaneNewville's avatar
I love this shot!
K-tetsu's avatar
thanks for the comment
mrkittycosplay's avatar
some fucking crap anime/cosplay site is using you pic for a banner WTF D; [link]
K-tetsu's avatar
Thanks Mr.kitty *PASSES CAT FOOD* GOOD KITTY!!! *now goes to rage!*
mrkittycosplay's avatar
*omnomnom cat food*

they don't know what they have done *rage* if you need back up just tell me and i will get my dev watches to email spam them
K-tetsu's avatar
well, i've sent them a mail...just waiting for a reply. *rages still*
mrkittycosplay's avatar
what did you say to them ?
K-tetsu's avatar
XD basically said take it off..i never gave you permission...don't know if all the other cosplayers are the same who feature on your site. I demanded an apology, and immediate take down of the pic...glad it got sorted ^_^
beethy's avatar
This is seriously the best KH Cloud I've ever seen..
I remember looking at the calendar for the first time with :icongundamfamiglia: and going WOOOWWWWWWW when I saw this photo.
It was my favourite in the calendar too..
You rock so hard
K-tetsu's avatar
thankyou so much!!!! XD i dont' have any of the wing pictures up do i...*must go check* but yeah, i love this costume...<3 <3 <3 and sab was a fantastic photographer in perth..
Gargu's avatar
Would be better if you covered your nose here.
AuraRinoa's avatar
Nice shot and great costume!
K-tetsu's avatar
everything-anime's avatar
No kidding! Melbourne? My friend's brother just got back from visiting there XD;

Anyways, this is really, REALLY cool :heart:
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