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Really nothing to say :)
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Beautiful Skin, nice work! thanks for sharing this

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Very nice Thanks
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Oh man, I accidentally deleted all my classic winamp skins, and now on the hunt for new ones... It's so good to see that people still have them here and there! Beautiful skin. I love the clean look, and the orange accents :) thank you for saving my butt!
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Great stuff, goes well with my Oblivion Theme.
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Thanks. Can you link to the Oblivion theme?
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awesome i like it Love 
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I like this theme.
I like this theme a lot.
Except I like to have my controls, EQ and Playlist side-by-side, and the fact they're out of alignment by one or two pixels really, really bugs me... (Screenshot: [link] )
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Thanks. The one or two pixels you're referring to is not because of misalignment; they're borders. Usually the Main and EQ windows are stacked together. So I combined them into a single component and the Playlist as a separate component. Each component has top and borders. So you shall either rearrange the windows or edit the skin files to remove the borders. Hope it helps.
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Ok, thanks. I may tweak the borders so I can align them horizontally.
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sImpLy sUperB!!!!!!!!
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cool! clean!
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........ Ok. So this.... This is just toooo clean. I have over 800 winamp skins and you just made them all worthless. You have to get this out there man!
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Thanks :) After I made this skin my collection became obsolete too :) I use only 2 skins: Zen and Neo.
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Here is the cPro version of this great skin: [link]
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Looking good :)
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It's 2011, and it's still the best media player skin ever. Good job.
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So glad to hear that. Thanks :)
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Very nice.... i like the colors.
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