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March 28, 2012
The wonderful conceptional and technical implementations emphasize the strong and bold message in this piece of art.

Kill Suicidal Thoughts by ~k-raki
Featured by pica-ae
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Kill Suicidal Thoughts

Favs and comments are welcome :)

pica-ae, thank you for the DD :)

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If it were only that easy. Great work btw
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I'm just curious, what "strong message" this image has?
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This. Is. Amazing.
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awesome! nice job
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Cool, nice job!
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Beautiful work! I love you!
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Thanks a lot :)
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So this is what Stormtroopers look like up close, hmm. Anyway this is very interesting and nice idea.
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Senex-de-Umbris's avatar
What a nice concept!
Visually very appealing, with a powerful message behind it.
I like how strong the letters and the background are contrasting each other, how clear the shadows are.
The positioning and overlapping of the letters gives off a very energetic, very plastic, very lively feel - kind of like the end of an animation, or the beginning. I can almost imagine the "suicidal" dangling.
I also like the colours you chose - simple, yet bold and powerful, and not in the slightest overloaded.
The red you chose looks a bit... grainy, I think, which is really nice.

Also, I congratulate you on what you achieved here - you picture is so clean and sinister, yet the message you convey in the words is so powerful, it makes the whole picture almost absurdly uplifting in spite of the dark.
And that is what amazes me most: This idealism, this happiness, this hope radiating from a dark picture.

Belated congratulations on the DD :)
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Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. This is the best one I've received so far. It's very heartening to think that you've taken the time and put in your effort to type out such a long one in this age of quick-click-fav'ing. Thank you again :)
Senex-de-Umbris's avatar
Ah, no problem at all~ You're welcome. It was my pleasure.
Everyone likes a good and thoughtful critique, that's why giving out those is just what I do :)
Real, requested critiques are a lot longer, though, than the "quick and short" ones.
BTW would you enjoy getting some feedback on other works of yours as well?
k-raki's avatar
So glad to come across a good samaritan. I'd certainly like your feedback on my other works :)
Senex-de-Umbris's avatar
No need to call me that xD
Anything you'd especially like to have feedback on?
Please send me the thumbnails. :)
Otherwise, I'll just pick the most interesting ones and those with few comments - but that might take some time. x'D
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