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P.T.S - Blotmap Set VIII

Back with a new pack and I hope you all like it. ^^
This time I used every blotmap with Ol Water to "blend" the color with the black bg so you can see how the blotmaps work with those brushes.
Hope the brushes are in handy for you all and have fun drawing! Emoji02  
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how do i install this to sai again? D:

Thank you. New to this.

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I can't find the download button. How can i download the brushes?

There's a download symbol under the image. It's to the right of the 'award a badge' button.

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The download doesn't work

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Oh nevermind, if you reload the page the download will work

how i make to use them? like i alredy dowloaded (bad english sorry)

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where the heck in this post is the download file?

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click the download button next to share

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Thank you!! I love them!

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I had so much fun with the brushes!! Thank you so much!!

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For some reason, it's making me download an html file.

thank you so much for these!!!!:blowkiss:

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thank u so much! brazil here :love:

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Im sorry im new to sai paint but I cant figure out how I get all the brushes here.I did as instructed and only got three brush as dark, waltz and grainy.How can I get the remaining ones under dark, waltz and grainy?

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Hey! Downloading brushes for sai is really confusing, but if you follow the instructions here, it's rlly helpful: Brush settings for Paint tool SAI
Just make sure you read everything carefully :3

how do u download winrar?

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I so badly want these tools but i dont have the folders for some resion plus idk where you can write the thing you need to save ? QAQ// I need so much help
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I dont have a brushform folder for some resion QAQ
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