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Challenge: Shirtless dark elves (male)!
Hey there, are you up for another challenge? Actually this one grew out of the conversation of Sazariel and me and I must say, that I really like the idea of this one...
Show me shirtless dark elven males! Be it Drow, be it Dunmer or dark elves of whatever lore.... fanart is also okay! As long as there is no shirt and the male subject is clearly a dark elf, it shall be fine! Pants or differently covered lower body regions would also be great as this is about the beauty of the torso and hey, we do not want to be distracted, right?
So, show me your shirtless dark elven men and I will feature them here in this journal! Every medium is accepted!
(I have a bunch of those in my own gallery but I want to create a new one for this challenge. Most likely tomorrow)
:iconmavrosh:Mavrosh 7 49
WC-R Open Format Question 7
Late again, because I'm sick as a dog.
Last week's question: What would happen if your hero/heroine met his/her evil twin or clone?
What are your inspiration(s) for your webcomic? Draw a relevant crossover, parody or cosplay done by your characters.
Remember to post the question itself and to put our name, WebComics-Rock, in the submission somewhere.
The deadline for this is June 15st. Drawings only! This is a comic club, after all.
Once again, note that in round 10 we will give everyone a week to catch up and submit to previously-asked questions.
We look forward to your responses!
:iconwebcomics-rock:WebComics-ROCK 2 4
400 watchers raffle! - LAST DAY!
the deadline is the 10th of July! So that's today, at least in my timezone. This is the last time I'll bother you with promoting my raffle ;)
Hi there!
I recently gained my 400th watcher, and I want to celebrate that with a raffle! This will be my first one ever, so I wonder how this goes ;) There will be three winners!
What do you have to do to enter?
- Be a watcher! This will give you one ticket!
- To gain an extra ticket, add this journal to your favourites.
- Another extra ticket can be gained if you feature this raffle in your journal or poll. 
- Comment + fav my artwork. This will give you an extra ticket every time you do this (maximum is 5 tickets though).
So, if you do everything you'll end up with 8 tickets. 
Place a comment here and tell me that you want to enter. Also tell me if you want to go for multiple tickets or not, and include links to the feature journ
:iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 42 208
Just an experiment... (final update) by queenofeagles Just an experiment... (final update) :iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 26 107 give me wings by queenofeagles give me wings :iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 17 15 Dinner Time by queenofeagles Dinner Time :iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 39 25 Quick n' Dirty: Light on Faces by telophase Quick n' Dirty: Light on Faces :icontelophase:telophase 1,822 111 Witte Wieven - Myths and Legends Contest by queenofeagles Witte Wieven - Myths and Legends Contest :iconqueenofeagles:queenofeagles 93 45 Dreamscapes Autodesk Hero Challenge by AlectorFencer Dreamscapes Autodesk Hero Challenge :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 2,888 108 Marvel - The Amazing Spider-Man by vaxzone Marvel - The Amazing Spider-Man :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 1,161 50
Poses by 50 points!
I don't want to do your job for you.

If you need such a posture - draw it them selves -
not redraw this sketches in the layer above.

If you have previously used this sketches in commissions - Immediately stop it.

Pose study1...girls.
Pose study2...guys.
Pose study3...girls.
Pose study4...couples.
Pose study5...girls.
Pose study6...girls.
Pose study7...mermaids.
Pose study8...guys.
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Tresja by LaTaupinette
Mature content
Tresja :iconlataupinette:LaTaupinette 16 6




Make a journal sharing 5 deviations about a topic you love !

Internet loves cats. Pfff! What I love is

Happy White Tiger TIGERS Happy Yellow Tiger 

Limnotiger by AlectorFencer
Magic Forest by Fievy
#307 Ink Tiger by Picolo-kun
harimau by aslah92
Chasing my tail by 12-tf

Pink Heart Icon   Couples feath' Meme Pink Heart Icon 

Since TeaDarkA shared this meme, I had to do it too. What better month than February to share some loooove ?

Comment saying you’d like a feature and I will choose one of your pairings and put it up here.

(there was some other rules but I'm a rebel and just picked the one I liked)

1. :iconteadarka:

Skyrim: credence p.11 by TeaDarkA
I'm not too familiar with her characters nor the Skyrim universe, but I like this couple. Ghorbash and Shy are very different in stature and race, wich gives great contrast in her drawings. There is a real sweetness between the two.
What's more enjoyable, too, is how much TeaDarkA loves her characters and ships them wholehaertedly :)

2. :icongreenvikeen:

Autumn Is The Most Romantic Season by GreenVikeen
You can't not love Amy and Allan. They're just too cute! Strangely, so far, we know more about her relation to Ohmid than how exactly Amy and Allan's feelings develop into something romantic. Buuuut, she's a stupidly courageous viking princess, he's a grumpy pessismist with a big soft haert inside, of course they were meant to be!

3. :iconamarna:

The morning after ... by Amarna
I hesitated a lot. Luka and Rose? Sharei and Bientôt-renommé-Valentin?
Of course not! 
I love Farah's stenght and passion in everything she does, I love Sam's righteousness and courage. I love their banter and every motion that slowly but surely brings them closer and closer! 

4. :icondaegann:

Fx : Profil (Spectrum OC) by Daegann Pyrandelie : Profil (Spectrum OC) by Daegann  Chroniques de Spectres (Episode 11/19)
"Ricky Lean nous fait savoir qu'il refourgue des places d'Hyperball. N'hésitez pas à lui demander plus d'info."
- Sonny Dunkan, pour Hell-Point Radio -

Hell-Point, mars 2515
Dans sa cabine, Assaï effectuait ses habituels étirements annonciateurs de ce qu’elle aimait appeler sa "séance d’entraînement quotidienne en milieu confiné". Le Predator était rentré à Hell-Point depuis maintenant deux heures et il lui semblait de bon ton de se vider un peu l’esprit après les inexplicables événements de la nuit. Elle songea à Melvyn, repensant au moment où le "capitaine" avait annoncé qu’il n’arrivait pas à revendre le Predator à cause de sa réputation de vaisseau hanté... Deux coups de poing rageur fendirent l’air dans la foulé tandis que la Daeyaméenne entamait son fameux entrainement.
Un bon quart d’heure plus ta

You didn't see that one coming, uh? Daegann doesn't even have any picture of those two together!
But let this couple be an example of how great a writer Daegann is : he can make you love even a couple of relatively side characters ^^
What I like about them is that their relation is build on mutual respect and friendship, and they aknowledge each other's skills.

5. :iconuinn:

Gonna fall by Uinn
Okay, I'm not sure yet that they even become a couple, like, ever.
Fadeh is Dia's caregiver and so far, they struggle between a fragile trust and curiosity.
But, sometimes, one makes a gesture toward the other and those scenes are just too sweet :love:

6. :icontsukiiyo:

First kiss by Tsukiiyo
A secret meeting between a masked man and a mysterious lover? Add to it that the guy is a strong rebel leader... My inner V for Vendetta fan can't help but love it! 
Tsukiiyo manages to keep quite about the plot of her story, and that's something both impressive and frustratiiiiiing (come on, I wanna know who theyr are!)
Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you all happiness or at least fun ways to wait for 2020 :D

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take a look upon what you've accomplished so far. 

Like many others, I made this meme K-naille's Year in Art 2018 and reflected on what I'd done this year and what I wanted to do in the next one. 
Last time I published a to-do-list was 2 years ago. Since then, I sidestepped and had a baby and my artistic projects were kinda forgotten for a while. 
Now, baby is bigger but not that much, so I know expecting to suddenly have lots of free time to do whatever strikes my mind is not an option. For instance, I know I won't be able to do any sewing and papercraft, wich are very time-consuming, in the next few months. Maybe this summer? Oh how I wish to sew this summer!

What I'm sure to do

(unless I go an make another baby :P) is : 

- Achieveing Carmine. There's only a few chapters left to write.
- Try to have Carmine edited, or self print it if it doesn't work out. 
- Make Character's sheets for what I call my "Characters in search of an author". There's a few characters / synopsis I've had in the back of my head for a long time now, and I know their stores aren't good/strong/original enough to deserve as much care and attention as Carmine and Steps did. BUT I can't just let them vanish, they keep popping up from time to time. So I'm gonna free myself of them this way. And, who knows, maybe my readers will show interest in them and give me the drive to write/draw their story?

Carmine by other artists

I thought I could as well use this journal to showcase all the amazing art made by other artists (as commish or as gifts) about Carmine and its characters.  
Some of those artists are very dear to me, and their support really give me a drive to continue writing and improving my drawings so I wanted to thanks them.
Some I haven't seen around here this last few months and I wanted to shout out to them. Hi dear, I hope you are well! 

Portraits of Bo and Syl

(some of those commish weren't published here on dA so you see them for the very first time. Enjoy Bo's awesomeness drawn by those talented hands! :D )

Bo By Nike 93 by K-naille by NikeMV K Naille Bust Commission By Ellie Commissions-daiy by K-nailleby WildEllie 
Syl by Orpheelin by K-nailleand Orphee-b by K-nailleby Orpheelin (Un Bo avant transformation, encore tout neuf, sans cicatrice!)

  CM: Bo for K-naille by DameOdessa by DameOdessa   Bo par selkys by K-naille by Selkys (Gifts - Gavin, Borian, Sam )

[COMMISSION] Bo by LitanaYasha by LitanaYasha 

Carmine, as seen by...

 by :iconiksumi:
Contest Prize by Iksumi    FB-Free Sketch Dump by Iksumi

by :iconk-zlovetch:

- Commish - Carmine Heraldry 2 by K-Zlovetch  - Commish - Carmine Heraldry 1 by K-Zlovetch  - Gift - Carmine Heraldry by K-Zlovetch 

- Gift - Carminlove by K-Zlovetch - Trade - I tried... by K-Zlovetch - Commish - La Faille by K-Zlovetch

by :iconfukugami:

FLASH :: V by fukugami  The waitress :: Lottery prize by fukugami

by :iconlasentinelle:

Sylva by LaSentinelle  Sketches Sylva by LaSentinelle  Sketch - Borian et Sylva by LaSentinelle Sylva et Bo by LaSentinelle
Sketch - Borian et Sylva by LaSentinelle  Inktober 2016 - 09 - Borian by LaSentinelle  Inktober 2016 - 08 - Sylva by LaSentinelleLasentinelle by K-naille

by :iconamarna:

Contest prize : Comme une etincelle by Amarna  B day gift : Syl x Quint, dah kiss by Amarna  Bday gift : Borian by Amarna
Cu-cute sectet santa 2018 - Make me feel unique by Amarna
Amarna-sketch by K-naille  Bo-amarna-chap5 by K-naille  Bo-amarna by K-naille  Byamarna by K-naille
Inktober Amarna by K-naille

by :icongateaumignon:

[Elf Gift] Let's dress Quint for winter! by gateaumignon  She knows [Carmine] by gateaumignon  Say you won't let go [Art trade w/ K-naille] by gateaumignon [Prize] Big Bro and Lil' Sis by gateaumignon

by :iconfukugami:

FLASH :: V by fukugami  The waitress :: Lottery prize by fukugami

by :iconhellypse:

Sylva and Quint by Hellypse Birthday Gift : Trop bo pour vous by Hellypse  Beauty in the wind by Hellypse Trade - BadaBOm ! by Hellypse

by :iconctenaid:

Sylva by CTenaid Tu es tout pour moi by CTenaidPW Gift - Sylva - by CTenaid

by :icongreenvikeen:

Art Trade - Amour Equestre by GreenVikeen  AT - Bress et Asha by GreenVikeen 

by :iconqueenofeagles:
Gift - nose rub by queenofeagles  Art trade - Bo and Sylva by queenofeagles

by :iconuinn:

prize - Confrontation by Uinn

and more ...

AT: La Jolie Sylva by shnoogums5060  Christmas elves 2016 Gift 3 by SawakoPhoenny  Sylva by Laura-Vi Sylva   K Naille   Fanart   Headshot By Luwyn-d9pv by K-naille

SECRET SANTA-Une valse a trois temps by YERDUA  sk2017 - My star by Zalosta  Bo and Syl Art Trade by keokotheshadowfang  Secret kiss by KyokiNoRozu

In the gear office by TeaDarkA Quint by TeaDarkA  Souvenir (HS) by Pagrella HS by Pagrella 
  Kvy By Caelasephyra-datevl4 by K-naille

 Kévy by CaelaSephyra (Vive le vent)

Farah Et Sylva By Finaly3-danakni by K-naille Sylva by Psycomma
(It seems I didn't save your other pics of my characters and they're not in you gallery anymore !
If you see this, please note me dear :puppy-eyes:

by @Itcorta 
  tireur d'elite Carmin by ltcorta

  Drapeau De Carmine 1 By Ltcorta-dalgo4q by K-naille  Dessin 1 By Ltcorta-daojjvo by K-naille 

Carmine Set 1 By Ltcorta-dao4bnk by K-naille

Toutes les infos sur les mise-à-jour de Carmine sont ici: 
CARMINE - It's the Final Countdown!French only, but you can find all the art in my gallery
Coucou tous, 
Voici les dernières mise-à-jour sur l'avancée du projet Carmine. 
1. Les prochains chapitres
Ah, quelle galère c'est d'amener tout ça à sa bonne conclusion! 
edit 03-01
IV.8 : Petites leçons de diplomatie (5571 mots - à relire)
IV.9 : Le Bois des Faunes (5861 mots)

Comme discuté précédemment, je publierai les prochains chapitres par moitiés, pour que ce soit plus facile à lire et que j'aie plus de temps pour bosser sur les suivants ;)
Le calendrier des publications se trouve en bas de ce journal Arrow (Down) 

2. ASK 

Il ne reste qu'une qu
French only, but you can find all the art in my gallery

Coucou tous, 

Voici les dernières mise-à-jour sur l'avancée du roman Carmine. 

1. Les prochains chapitres

Ah, quelle galère c'est d'amener tout ça à sa bonne conclusion! 

edit 29-01
IV.10 : partie 1 (3705 mots) (en cours de relecture)
IV.10 : partie 2 (en cours d'écriture)
IV.10 : partie 3 (en cours d'écriture)

Le calendrier des publications se trouve en bas de ce journal Arrow (Down) 


Prepreviou by K-naille

2. Liste complète des chapitres

Carmine, Livre I : L'Héritier

Entraînée par un mystérieux agent, Sylva se retrouve au cœur de Carmine, un vaste territoire situé dans un monde étrangement connecté au nôtre. L'agent Bo et son escouade ont pour mission d'escorter Sylva jusqu'à ce qu'elle accomplisse son destin.

Lire le Livre I : 

Carmine : 1 L'heritier
Carmine I.2: Traversee
Carmine I.3 : Retour
Carmine I.4 : La Lande
Carmine I.5 : Pointe dOraille
Carmine I.6 : Silicate
Carmine I.7 : Beryl
Carmine I.8 : La maison d'Arger
Carmine I.9 : Haute societe et fritures
Carmine I.10 : Le bal
Carmine I.11 : Le Grand Mecanisme
Carmine I.12 : Le Sang d'Arger
Carmine I.13 : Dommage collateral

Garde-a-vous - BookI Cover by K-naille

Carmine, Livre II : Ruptures

Revenus en Carmine, Sylva et Bo font face à de nouveaux périls. Ils ne pourront pas s'en sortir seuls. Mais à qui faire confiance, quand toutes les anciennes allégeances semblent tomber en miettes

Lire le Livre II : 
Carmine II.1 : l'Alchimiste
Carmine II.4 : Quarantaine
Carmine II.5 : les Armes Territoriales
Carmine II.6 : Conversations tardives
Carmine II.7 : Le deserteur
Carmine II.8 : Fievre
Carmine II.9 : Labyrinthe
Carmine II.10 : La croisee des chemins
You can't handle this much badassery by K-naille

Carmine, Livre III : Les Errants

Bo, Nérôme et Sylva, abandonnés par tous leurs alliés, se retirent à Verval, la ville natale de Bo.
La région semble avoir été épargnée par les attaques des fauves... mais ce n'est pas le cas du reste de Carmine, laissée sans défenses, à la merci de la Horde. 
Lire le Livre III : Carmine III.1 : Paradis
Carmine III. 2 : Les Festivites d'Abondaverse
Carmine III.3 (part1) : Allegeances
Carmine III.3 (part2) : Allegeances
Carmine III.4 : Capitale, partie 1
Carmine III.4 : Capitale, partie 2
Carmine III.5 : Le Joyau de Carmine
Carmine III.6, partie 1 : le Double
Carmine III.6, partie 2 : Le Double
Carmine III.7 : Les traces des Fauves
Carmine III.8 (premiere partie) : Confrontations
Carmine III.8 (deuxieme partie) : Confrontations
Carmine III.9 : La methode experimentale
Carmine III.10 : L'Antre-d'Eux

Repetitions by K-naille

Carmine, Livre IV : Toutes les luttes

 Chargés par le roi Karel de trouver un moyen de vaincre la Horde, Bo et ses amis font une découverte inquiétante : il existe un lien très étroit qui unit les fauves et la Faille. Et Bo n'est malheureusement pas insensible à cet appel...

Carmine, IV.1 : Devaste
Carmine, IV. 2 : Deuil
Carmine IV.3 : Impact
Carmine IV. 4 : L'Orphelin
Carmine IV.5 : Le dernier secret (premiere partie)
Carmine IV.5 : Le dernier secret (deuxieme partie)
Carmine IV.6 : Placer les pions
Carmine IV.6 : Placer les pions (part2)
Carmine IV.7 : L'Appel (part 1)
Carmine IV.7 : L'Appel (part 2)
Carmine IV.8 : Petites lecons de diplomatie
Carmine IV. 9 : Le Bois des Faunes (parties 1et2)

Carmine, Livre IV, 10 : Chaos 
Partie 1 : en ligne le 13/02 (en cours de relecture)
Partie 2 : 
(en cours d'écriture)
Partie 3 : 
(en cours d'écriture)

Carmine : Souffle nouveau (épilogue)

Fight (+preview) by K-naille

3. Tout ce que j'ai publié autour de Carmine et de ses personnages est rassemblé dans ma galerie


Il ne reste qu'une question en stock donc n'hésitez pas à relancer le ASK. Je prends même les questions farfelues!


Tous les personnages (ou presque) ont enfin un visage! Si vous n'êtes pas encore très familier avec mon univers, vous pouvez en avoir un petit aperçu en texte ici: 
Et en image dans ma galerie ici

Vous pouvez également y retrouver les 
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Character's sheets and Influence maps
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Les illustrations de couverture et des chapitres
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Toutes les previews
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Les portraits de Mister Carmine

4. Carmine, seen by others 

J'avais déjà rendu à César ses lauriers dans un précédent journal. Je vous renvoie aussi vers la Collection.

Ce sont ajoutés au lot quelques commish/cadeaux de début d'année:
Comm: Quint for K-naille by Fayen-riby Fayen-ri 
Gift : Sylva by caterpillar96 by caterpillar96 
Sketch Commission - Sylva and Bo by GreenVikeen by GreenVikeen 

  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: La Passe-Miroir
  • Drinking: Earl Grey tea


4894 - C'est le nombre de mots du prochain bout de chapitre avant relecture. 
Pas Plus Carmin
Encore une petite illu pour ce premier tiers de chapitre ( et aucune de prête pour la suite, par contre ^^; )
Je ne peux que la dédicacer to Uinn :D

    - Kévy ? Je suis pas encore en train d’halluciner, hein ?
    - Non, les Saints soient loués, non, rit le blondinet en se penchant vers son patient.
Le terrien ignora l’intention toute médicale de l’infirmier et enroula les lianes de ses bras autour de lui. Ce dernier, rougissant, resta pétrifié et confus.
    - Ah, oui, j’oubliais, les Carmins sont pas trop tactiles, soupira Vilian. 
Carmine IV.10 (première partie)

ou Lire depuis le début 

Carmine, Livre IV : 

        Chargés par le roi Karel de trouver un moyen de vaincre la Horde, Bo et ses amis font une découverte inquiétante : il existe un lien très étroit qui unit les fauves et la Faille. Et Bo n'est malheureusement pas insensible à cet appel...

Tout sur Carmine dans ma galerie.

dA-friendly UK jack

Carmine, Book III : 

        Bo and his friend were missioned by the King Karel to learn how to defeat the Pack. They make a frightening discovery : the Hounds are tighly linked to the Devide. And Bo is strangely drawn in by its Call...


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