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MMD Model Pack: TDA Summer Models

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© 2020 K-Manoc1
My first submission on eclipse. I can safely say that I have gotten used to it. This pack includes Gumi, Haku, IA, Luka, Maika, Meiko, and Miku.

TDA, Agahat, canza52, mamama, ReYaMa, :iconendibell:, samsink, kooooi, HenachokoErika, :iconharukasakurai:, Crazymoonchan, Murabito124, Arlvit, Reinbuu-sama, ‚¨—V‹Y‚o, mqdl, :iconlarig-apagar:, :iconmikumikuiki:, Sylvain A, :icontehrainbowllama:, chibideko, harubloock, GrIzZiN, AliceBunny115, LizzyVolti, Nashie-C, YamiSweet, WKPY, Senran Kagura, :iconakatofurisukai:, K-Manoc1
Poses: :iconpuff-mmd:

Follow TDA's original rules.
Credit TDA and K-Manoc1 when you use her.
Editing is allowed.
Your edit must stay TDA styled.
Taking parts/textures is allowed as long as you credit the original author.
Do not distribute the unedited model.
Do not use this model for R-18, gore, or slander.
Include the entire readme folder when you distribute an edit.
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I love how people upload lewd content but act prude abut r18 stuff. don't sexualise your models if you're against it. once i dl them i do what i damn please.

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siriuspuppetHobbyist Artist

IA looks awesome, I'm guessing beach trip now?

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SamuelNishiharaNew Deviant


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BRSBLUEStudent Filmographer

Everyone: Wearing bathing suit

Haku: Time to break out the lingerie

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koyotecorrecaminosHobbyist Artist

Great work

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deathsplarkNew Deviant
Lol sweet😍😍😍
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MaeveSterlingHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you,downloaded

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Freya-VhalHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi! A while ago I downloaded these bikini bases and made a model, but when using one of these bases (the Miku's one) with a motion I noticed that the bones of the arm had a problem and I do not know how to fix it. ¿Do you have the same problem with the arm bones? Do you know how to solve it?

Sorry for being a little annoying ^^

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Brian-Chan Artist

That's hot. But I give it cute

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Many thanks!

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Thank you!!

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stunningly sexy and gorgeously cute

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ZeroLoveKimiHobbyist Artist

and len ,rin and kaito?

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VerataiHobbyist Artist

well these are very neatly done :3 the leopard print bikini has some clipping though.. <.<

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aureliodacostaNew Deviant

Cute and sexy little angels what a fantastic art

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Cute and sexy girls ^^'

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grazie per ver condiviso i modelli.

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