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MMD Model Download: TDA Mermaid Miku



This model has a tail with multiple bones, mermaid ears, and a morph that changes her hair texture. The download is under the favorite button (as usual). Have fun with her.

Body: TDA, Agahat, Jin, and :iconharukasakurai:
Body Texture: TDA and :iconharukasakurai:
Face: TDA and :iconharukasakurai:
Face Texture: TDA
Eye Textures: GrIzZiN, AliceBunny115, LizzyVolti, Nashie-C, and K-Manoc1
Hair: TDA and Milionna
Hair Textures: TDA, YamiSweet, and :iconxoriu:
Cat Ears: ‚¨—V‹Y‚o
Toons and Spas: :iconarlvit:, Jin, WKPY, and :iconharukasakurai:
Tail: :iconclairndikebar:
Bra: DeidaraChanHeart
Mermaid Ears: Sims3 and Palcario
Necklace: amiamy111
Pose: :iconsnorlaxin: and K-Manoc1


  • Follow TDA's original rules.
  • Credit TDA and K-Manoc1 when you use her.
  • Editing is allowed.
  • Your edit must stay TDA styled.
  • Taking parts/textures is allowed as long as you credit the original author.
  • Do not distribute the unedited model.
  • Do not use this model for R-18, gore, or slander.
  • Include the entire Read Me folder when you distribute an edit.
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Thanks 4 the sharing