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About the project: eARTh
The concept behind the title: We want to combine ART with the love for earth. We also know ART always has a role on forming the earth and the society living on it, either by affecting people's mindset or as a 'shoutout' (expression) of people's feeling toward issues on earth. Without ART, eARTh will never be the same.
It's also simple, easy to remember, and short enough that it's easy to make stamps or other supporting deviations of.

Main Objectives:
- To raise fellow deviants’ environmental awareness.
- To give lesser known deviants’ artworks more exposure and appreciation.

- Theme different themes will be set each month, all related to environmental issues.
- 2 submissions per person.
- Open to any visual media.
- How to submit: send your submissions by note to K-lenx.

- Top three deviations will and get loads of features in the journals of deviants mentioned below plus a news article.
- One deviant with a deviation titled "Overall Winner" will get a gallery feature in the news article.

What Can I Do to Help?
- We are looking for loads of people who are willing to constantly give features for the winners each month, as the features is the main point of interest of this contest.
- We would like to hear critiques and comments before we start to run this contest. Your opinion is needed to make this event a big success.
- And of course, a little exposure to our contest

For more information, including list of people who have confirmed willing to give monthly features can be found here.

We thank you for your appreciation and attention!

Judges Panel:

P.S.: For more info, note K-lenx or just jump in to :#eARThproject:
© 2008 - 2020 K-lenx
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Are you still making a list of people who will give features? I will!! :wave:
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Briliant project! I'm in :laughing: I can't wait to start!
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I'm willing to feature the winners in my journal.
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ehm... sori banget mbak saya telat buanget balesnya ^^;

news article ini udah tua banget sih, jadi udah jarang diliat haha. gimana, masih tertarik untuk ikutan gabung? :woohoo:
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Sorry, udah lupa nih. Ikutan gabung apa ya?
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haha ikutan nge-feature pemenang bulanan environmental contests. sorry yah kmrn replynya kelamaan banget ^^;
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Ohhh yg itu. Boleh, boleh. Kebetulan aku lagi sibuk banget akhir2 ini. Message2 pada nggak dibaca. Tetep upload buat orang2 yang nanyain hasil huntingku, aku suruh buka galeriku di dA. Tapi nggak sempet ngecek apa2 dan nggak sempet pula bikin jurnal baru. Jadi kalo bisa mem-feature, ada "bahan" baru yg nggak usah mikir, tinggal tempel2 aja gitu, seneng juga. Jadi, daftar pemenang dan karyanya bisa aku liat di mana?
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nanti tiap bulan aku kirimin note kok, tenang aja. tinggal buka note & paste ke jurnal :D

makasih ya!
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Can we enter a deviation that we've already made?
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What a wonderful idea! I'll be submitting a couple of photos I took last summer. For me they exemplify the beauty of Mother Nature...

Also, I'd be very happy to feature winners. How long would I be expected to have them up each month? :)
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love the idea!
i'll be entering at LEAST regularly
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Oh gosh, I didn't know we had such a thing here at dA. I have a couple of drawings from August, that clearly states my opinion on the environment, and Earth. If they are accepted in the contest, I would love to submit.
They can be found here:
Keep up the good work everone :aww:

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ah sorry for the late reply. this whole thing is actually a monthly event, and our ongoing topic this month is pollution. you can read more about it here [link] ;)
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Oh, that's okay :aww: Well, it sounds wonderful.
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I'm so excited, I can't wait for the contests to start! :)
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can i submit a old piece??
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