eARTh #2 (Entries Invited) + eARTh #1 Winners

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:bulletblue: About eARTh:

Check the main article: About the monthly contest for further information about our objectives and prizes

:bulletblue: Previous Winners:
The Winners of eARTh #1: Pollution
1st Place:
Dawn of Man by Chromattix
Dawn of Man by Chromattix
Other pieces from Chromattix:
Crypto night by Chromattix High rise by Chromattix The high life by Chromattix
Frozen Flurry galaxy by Chromattix Trick or Tree by Chromattix Picnic Park galaxy by Chromattix
Golden gates of Hell by Chromattix The wishing tree by Chromattix Stranded by Chromattix Living with Leviathan by Chromattix

Two Runner Ups: (in no respective order)
Mind Pollution by TanjaGotthardsen
Mind Pollution by TanjaGotthardsen
Other pieces from TanjaGotthardsen

If Mother Earth Was a child... by TanjaGotthardsen Don't speak - A portrait. by TanjaGotthardsen

Modern Magic by alexiuss
Modern Magic by alexiuss
Other pieces from alexiuss

Seasonscape by alexiuss Machinery of the Stars by alexiuss

:bulletblue: eARTh #2 Rules:

- This month's theme: Save the Energy
- Maximum 2 submissions per person
- Open to any visual media
- How to submit: send your submissions by note to K-lenx starting December 16th until January 15th (GMT)
- The winners will be announced on January 22nd

Here are a few examples of "Save the Energy" related deviations:
Save Energy by Launebaerchen
how to save earth: save energy by rob-jr
Good light can save our earth by leeseasun

Note that those examples are the deviations that qualify to be submitted in the context of the concept. Being featured as this month's examples doesn't guarantee winning of the contest. Those featured pieces still have a chance to enter this month's contest.

:bulletblue: Feature Donators:

*flower-lovers (club)
=NaturPics-club (club)
*Insect-Lovers-Club (club)
*photography-key (club)
*ProjectEarth (club)
*Digital-Artisans (club)
*Mare-si-Soare (club)
*CloudsClub (club)
=sunsets (club)
*Traditional-Artists (club)
*Photo--Assignment (club)
*Windowsity (club)
*SkyAndNatureClub (club)
*TreesWithCharacter (club)
*Photography-reviewed (club)
*Close-Ups (club)
*primateclub (club)
*Care-Club (club)
*Wonderful-World (club)
*Cityscapes-Club (club)
*Fujifilm-Club (club)
*sony-club (club)

Judges Panel:


P.S.: For more info, note K-lenx or just jump in to #eARThproject
© 2008 - 2020 K-lenx
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stuff like this keeps ending up in my favorites and its bothering me A LOT
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why, if I may ask?
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I have no idea. I think I got rid of all of them though. I hope no one has hacked my account :confused:
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Ah I hope it's nothing serious. Perhaps you left someone with your computer logged in, and they messed around a little with your account?

You might want to change your password (or alter it just a little). Just to make sure that if you just got hacked, the hackers won't be able to access your personal data.
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yeah I was planning on changing my password. I'll ask my family if they messed with it.
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Alright, hope you get it solved soon :thumbsup:
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Thank you so much for the feature. :)
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no problem sir, interested on submitting that piece for our contest? you are still legible for winning the mass features :)
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Oh yes. That will be a pleasure. Am I too late now? Sorry for the delay, I didn't had access to a computer for the last couple of days.

Let me know.


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not too late yet, the deadline is 15th. i'll include your piece as an entry :)
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congratulations guys !!!! :glomp: :boogie:
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I'll try to enter :) with something kinda decent
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just try to have fun. win or not, it doesn't really matter ;)
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indeed woow. wanna try? :)
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I don't know.. I don't have the tools .. to achieve my imaginations .. but their might me a hope ^^
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Wauw, I'm very honoured! Thanks! :D :heart:
K-lenx's avatar
very well deserved! ;)
if you don't mind, please help us to spread the word about this contest series. the more entries means more fun for us all. :D
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Oh of course! ;) I'll make a spot for it in my next Journal, and if I forget it there, just remind me! :D I love the theme, and I think it's wonderful! I also should get working on some new pictures :giggle:
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hah glad to hear that :D
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Very cool thing going on here. :thumbsup:
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wanna hop in to the fun? ;)
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