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well here is my little entry to the trek_exchange on lj it was posyvanillia and her prompt was

' I am a total sucker for fics wherein the characters have unrequited feelings for each other and then one of them gets hurt and everything clicks, and they get together! I'm a dork. Also, I have a preference for Spock getting beaten up on, I don't know why. <3 happy endings.'

*and i did this before my hand got jacked, but i didnt get to finish it like i wanted either sooooo oh well i guess ^.^*
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I have started uploading a fiction (unfinished) based on this picture :XD: [link] Thanks for the inspiration :D
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squeee! (all i could think of atm)
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I don't know what the backstory is to this image, but someone better write it :D
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lol that's just it this was for a exchange at a live journal group and i was signed up for art so the prompt got a pic instead of a story ooops lol and i haven't come across a story where kirk saves a abused spock... i dont think anyway lol but hey you find one let me know lol
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I started sketching out something based on it -

Jim himself looked like he had crawled through hell to get here. Spock looked like he had been living in hell for a long time. Jim would have kissed him, but it was obvious that his lips were bruised and painful. There was a dry trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth, and his cheek was flushed with a recent blow. In lieu of the kiss he desperately wanted to place on those lips he laid his forehead against Spock’s forehead, and simply knelt there for a moment, eyes closed, as the relief and fear and anger and love swirled and settled in his mind.

After a long moment he rested back on his heels and regarded the Vulcan. He was thin after four weeks of captivity, and his body had obviously been put through a toll of pain and neglect. His naked torso and arms were scattered with welts and bruises. He had been beaten at some point, and the severe green marks were still clear on his back. His wrists, chained to the floor behind his back, were abraded by a month’s rubbing on hard metal. He had been stripped of all clothing but his trousers, and his skin was pallid with cold.

‘What did they do to you?’ Kirk whispered, reaching out a hand to the Vulcan’s cheek.

‘Enough,’ Spock said grimly. His obsidian eyes gave away nothing but an idea of repressed trauma.

Kirk traced his hand over the contours of the Vulcan’s face. ‘My love…’

Spock flinched, and his eyes became a shade more veiled.

‘Spock,’ Kirk urged. ‘What did they do?’

Spock shook his head, then looked up, allowing a glimmer of life into his eyes.

;Please, Jim. Would you release my hands?’

‘Oh – god,’ Kirk murmured. He couldn’t believe he had sat there all this time *without* releasing him. He had been so caught up with the blessed wonder that Spock was alive and intact that he had not thought of anything else.

He examined the metal cuffs briefly, then set his phaser down to the narrowest of beams.

‘Hold perfectly still,’ he warned the Vulcan, and he carefully aimed the beam first at the link holding the cuffs together, and then at the chain that attached them to the floor. Spock moved forward as the beam ceased as if a rubber band had been released, bringing his arms stiffly round to the front and flexing them slowly before folding them protectively across his chest.

‘The cuffs themselves will have to wait until we’re on the ship,’ Kirk said. ‘But – I guess it must feel good just to be able to move your arms?’

Spock’s eyebrow raised briefly, and then he nodded.


But that's all I have :D
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omg no one has ever written to one of my pics before 0.o (that im aware of)


you are made of complete and utter WIN!

...and sadly now i'm going to have to ask you to marry me cause thats the only obvious thing to do at the moment lol

seriously i love this all the detail and them, if nothing is done more with this i would care not. cause this is just lovely you have no idea how much you made my day/6 months lol ^.^ ty

(pls forgive the overly happy rant xD)
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:XD: Unfortunately, I'm already married ;-) But maybe I'll actually expand that little bit of writing into a story one day :D And I understand how you feel, because I feel like that when someone does some fanart to go with my stories, especially because writing seems so much easier than drawing to me :XD:
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hum as it turns out i seem to be married as well...shame that lol, i guess i will have to settle to add you to the watch list then :giggle: and read what you have. perhaps i'll get more ideas lol
if you do ever do more with it hope you will link it that one day =D
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It'd have to be bigamy, then ;-)
Thanks for the watch - and don't worry - I'll link it if I do! :XD:
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:iconpervplz: I'm liking this a LOT. ^^
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I'm totally not a spock/kirk shipper, but that's still incredibly hot. ;-)
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DAYUM! That is some fiiine artwork right there.
I know how your friend feels,, I feel the exact same way. <3
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Love it <3
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