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For now I only offer these two types (you recieve a LARGE high res jpg or png..much larger than what is posted on Deviantart):

3/4 character with simple background ~ $250
Example:Opera Star by K-Koji Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-Koji Memento Mori by K-Koji

2 characters with simple background ~ $350
Example:AnK by K-Koji  Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian by K-Koji

  I can also add in a more complicated background depending on the context of the picture.  Example:
Sebastian Michaelis by K-Koji CIEL PHANTOMHIVE by K-Koji Embracing Sin by K-Koji

Details or extra cost can be discussed in private note.
  I can do full length characters as well, I feel 3/4 is the best to see whats going on, but I have no problem with drawing head to toe pics.
* Very detailed props/weapons add +$20
      *other very time-consuming details such as wings will also have an extra charge

What I won't do:

~ I'm not comfortable with full nudity
~ Furries. I don't mind doing a *bit* of animal qualities so long as the character is mostly human.
~ Ridiculous proportions. Example, boobs larger than the characters head. I'm not judging if you like that, however it just looks wrong to me in my style

In a nutshell,   I require pics to be tasteful . Regardless of whether it's yaoi, romantic w/e. I'm happy to do it, but I just need it to be a nice looking piece and tastefully done :meow:  ..I reserve the right to make this list longer .

  More Information:

~ I accept only Paypal for now
~ I give regular updates to people on the status of their commission through email.
~ The art is still copyrighted to me, OC's of others will be clearly marked on it though. You can't sell the art . If I need it to make prints ( of course for others OC's thats different ) I can. I can use it for self-promotion etc. If the art is needed for business purposes just discuss it with me before hand.
~ I submit a *very* rough sketch to you to give you work out what is desired. Bear in mind, they are very rough. If there are any concerns- *this* is the time to change it or say so.
~ I don't expect payment until after this initial sketch is submitted. I don't expect payment in advance yet.
~ The time it takes too complete a piece depends on the degree of detail, number of characters, how fast it takes people to respond etc. I ask people to be patient since I do these around real life as well, and I'm always around to check email if there are concerns. However, the average turn around time from payment to completion is 2-3 weeks.
~ I have the right to refuse a commission. This will probably take place before I start, if for some reason the subject isn't coming to me ( if I cannot find a inspiration for some reason). The customer will not lose any money with this. I will not take any payment unless I'm positive I can do it.

If you'd like a commission, and have read the above, have any questions, please send me a note :nod:

© 2011 - 2021 K-Koji
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serocchin's avatar
when will your commission open again?
K-Koji's avatar
 Hi there! Sorry, Im not sure. I'm working on some projects atm
Flutterbybybye's avatar
I NEED to get you on an FFVII commission for me some day in the future, I love your work so much <3 
Godstonepowers's avatar
How much money would it take to bring you out of retirement? I have a one character job, and the fees above seem low, double? triple? I am ready...
Chibi-Fukuro's avatar
As soon as I have saved up some more, I would gladly pay for a commission from you. You deserve every penny :) 
TheIdealMistress's avatar
Can you break payments down?
K-Koji's avatar
 HI there

 Yeah I can, but I need to be paid before I start. I know some people don't like that, but I've established a reputation (that clearly shows I'm responsible and will always deliver the artwork), and I can give names of people for reference.

 So in that way, I can take installments, but I'd start after the last installment :nod: .
TheIdealMistress's avatar
I kind of figured that. Just wanted to know if you'd accept splitting the cost to pay the whole commission off. ^^

I'd be up for a commission after I buy a couple of supplies. I got two cat boys I need to be drawn realistically and I'd like to do business with you. ^^
K-Koji's avatar
 Sure just send me a note when you're prepared. I'd have to see where I could fit you in. I have a few book covers to do first :0

 Thanks so much! :hug:
TheIdealMistress's avatar
You're welcome. ^^ I'll try to schedule when I can be able to pay it off soon.
NoxPapillo's avatar
Too bad I don't have the money and that commissions are closed.
animalover4six's avatar
Hoping I can afford it one day!!
Sencilia-Harp's avatar
ill be looking forward to your commisions opening again ^^
adaydreaming-artist's avatar
I hope some day we can work together.  You do great work and pro rates like these are okay with me.   Your beautiful art is totally worth it.
K-Koji's avatar
 Thnks! I will answer your note when I get a chance :nod:. Its just a busy day for me here :hug:
adaydreaming-artist's avatar
It's really busy around here, too.  I hope you have an awesome holiday and General Sephiroth delivers lots of cool presents for you. =)
K-Koji's avatar
 Thank you! best wishes to you too :hug:
Raven-Firewind's avatar
By the gods, I wish I could afford your rates (that's no criticism against you; I understand that this is your livelihood). One of these days, after I've set some cash aside, I'll be sure to commission you--when your open again, of course. ^^ Your work is honestly some of the best I have ever seen.

Edit: Are your rates the same for book covers, by chance? Or does it vary depending on the level of detail on said cover?
K-Koji's avatar

 Depends on the detail, number of characters, background, and how the image will be used :nod: . :hug:
Raven-Firewind's avatar
I'll definitely have to keep that in mind for when commissions are open again. ^^
While I do like your art, I'm not sure if I can afford it. I did have a few ideas in mind, though.
finalfrontier24's avatar
Your art is truly worth more, but I wish I could afford it through.
But thank you for sharing your gift and talented with the world.
K-Koji's avatar
 Thank you :hug:
AniChan10's avatar
Wish I had the money... *Sigh*
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