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FF7 Vincent Valentine: Chaos


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 An interpretation of Vincent Valentine from FF7 Dirge of Cerberus in one of his Chaos forms. He is a cray cray design lol. I took some artistic liberties in how I see his design. I always liked the idea that the area on his head was more wispy and made of tattered cloth than a solid mass of spiky things. But that's just my vision, people are free to draw their own ;P

 I just did this for fun, so it's a bit rougher than my usual stuff. Talking to :iconchrislea: probably influenced my desire to take a stab at him lol. I just used Photoshop CS6 and a intuous wacom tablet. No stock, special brushes or anything this time.

 Download for wallpaper size

I'm also having an Art Blanket giveaway on My Tumblrif my watchers are interested.

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I had to come back and give this the biggest badge I had the fragments for. It's still one of my ultimate favorite images, and I can never thank you enough for it. It brightens my day whenever I come across it. (Which is pretty often between a pillow and a blanket, lol!)

Beautiful art !

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Very good !! ^^
But that face tough...:
*When someone makes a joke but you're just not in the mood to laugh and the only thing that you want to do is to obliterate everyone around you*
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ps. Do u go to anime conventions? I would love to buy your prints
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 Thanks so much!

 I dont do convention, but I sell prints here:

 There are a lot of sales on between now and Christmas too :nod:
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No prob you've done a really Amazing job drawing Chaos. He's a really awesome looking character but you added a dark and elegant look to him. Its very beautifulLove 
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 That's sweet. Thanks again :hug:
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My favorite Character from Final Fantasy 7! =D
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vincent in this form is epic too! 
hi dear friend my name is mercy i will like you to email me at ( i have something to tell you ok
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Why did I not fav this?! Jeez.
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I love this game and character! Great job with the artwork!:) (Smile) Heart :happybounce: +fav 
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Oh man. I don't even know how to handle this. I really don't haha. This is just too amazing, Koji! (Yes, I'm not dead. I'm just more active on FB/my FB cosplay page.) I kinda want a beautiful print of this. Like, this is amazing. I love Chaos and this just made me love him all the more. ♥ I do agree though - the spiky mass of things seemed really odd - the tattered cloth looks much better. :3
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 Thank you :heart:
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The air in him is just perfect
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Awesome art dude, I really like the design, amazing. Keep up the good work 
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