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FF7: Rufus and the Turks

By K-Koji
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 Rufus Shinra and "The Turks" from Final Fantasy VII. Left to right; Elena, Tseng, Rufus, Reno, Rude. This is wallpaper size.

 It's been a crap year for me so I just wanted to paint something I liked. It's rougher in some areas than some of my other stuff, but I just didn't have time to spend forever on 5 characters :/ . Currently on soft food because my puppy broke my tooth >:[ ( lol it's kinda funny though).
  It's done in Photoshop CS6 and Painter 12. Sorry for the obnoxious watermarks, but I'm getting sad at people selling my artwork :( .

 Print & Stuff:…

 Other paintings from me:
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 Stock is mostly my own, used with a purchased license.

 The star brush was a free brush from anaRasha ( I think that's them but they don't seem to habe brushes in the gallery anymore. It's an old brush)
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Cool work!:D In the remake so far I'm now starting to think that the Turks have really been working for Rufus all the time behind the scenes, maybe that'll be revealed for sure in part 2:roll:

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They have so much style =D

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Very well done!

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Amazing art!! Your Rufus looks so handsome! :love:
LIQDs's avatar
I adore your art,,,
but I feel upset that Onision is using your art oof…
K-Koji's avatar

lol I didnt get this comment until now but the page is gone so I guess it's resolved

LIQDs's avatar
lmfao yeah, he deleted like over 150+ tweets and he's trying to do a runner LMAO :'D
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YOO, YOUR ARTWORKS ARE JAW DROPPING!! Why didn't I knew you earlier?
I love your FF 7 drawings so much!
chocobolover92's avatar
I ABSOLUTELY love this! Just made it my wallpaper. Oh how I love Rufus....
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I found this through tumblr and because of the watermark I was able to find you here! <3 This is so gorgeous. May I use it for my computer wallpaper background?
K-Koji's avatar
 Of course!
RoxyRoo's avatar
YES!! Thanks!
tociart's avatar
oh god this looks so cool! Rufus is :heart: rufus is lyf
also this did give me a little bit of that psycho pass feel
I'm so sorry but I must say this: This is the best rendition of rufus shinra, ever! :love:
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 Thanks so much!
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Wow this is really...Amazing! Good work :D reminds me of a special agency or cop/law show fantastic! 
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I will always be a Rufus fangirl. Amazing fanart!
clappingfeetmel's avatar
rufus...!!so handsome!!1
Bloody-Valentine666's avatar
Woaaaah..this is just so_freaking_fabulous! OwO
SekseeDragoness's avatar
This is freakin gorgeous hun. Your art is amazeballs as always. You are soo taleted and you have worked so hard to get where you are. Keep up the good work ♥

Also *snuggle glomps* I MISS YOU!
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