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A few people asked for something like this on Tumblr, so here it is~ a collection of eyes I've done close up. No one ever sees the detail in them because:
1. They are part of a larger picture and not eay to see.. I do this so if people buy large prints, they know things will look better than worse and feel they happy ( often with art shrinking = better)
 2. I have to upload finished paintings in low resolution because if I don't, people make prints and sell it :XD: . So usually I end up uploading low-res files.

 I thought this might be useful for people as an Eye chart when it comes to colours, shine etc etc for people beginning to look into a semi-realism style.

 The bottom row eyes are from older works. You can see how more and more I get obsessive and have fun with eyeballs LOL. SO glad to have improved over the last year and a half :o

 Some of these are from the following works. Some are works I haven't uploaded yet.

 Kuroshitsuji: Claude Faustus and Alois Trancy by K-Koji Kuroshitsuji: Joker by K-Koji Dragon Keeper (full version) by K-Koji Asian Fusion by K-Koji Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian by K-Koji

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Beautiful eyes, so full of life :)

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Thanks for all the comments! :)

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This is so crazy! Your eyes... are so meaningful and thrilling... ö.ö
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hi dear friend my name is mercy i will like you to email me at ( i have something to tell you ok
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Looks absolutely amazing!
YouloudeFanyou's avatar
It looks so real... O_O
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Gorgeous eyes!!
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The is sexy , you could even say that it's eye candy xD
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The eyes ! Center of beauty ! Ahhhhhh so guud <3
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How do you decided on different ways of making the eyes? The personality of the subject, or the way they look? The mood of the drawing? I always color my eyes in the same steps, what 'inspiration' or 'techniques' do you use?

I'm sorry if that sounds super confusing, it's hard to put in words how I think in my head >////<
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 :o I dont know. I just try to make the eye the way I like it :XD:
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Okay thanks =]
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Wow so detailed and full of color and expression.
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I wish I could draw like this!.... T_T I'm so jealous.
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i want to cry because they are soo beautiful~
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wow!! this is so impressive
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This is amazing! Very, very beautiful!
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