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Cloud Strife

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 Finally painted Cloudy :heart: . Long time coming lol. I chose his Advent Children outfit because I think it's snappy.  Digital Painting is done in PSCS6 and Painter 12. My tablet died during this, so I'm getting a new one now ( doh), but it was an older Intuos 4. I'll probably sell some blood or 21% of my soul and try to get an Intuos Pro Medium sized. I'd love to get the cordless one but I'm poor :XD: .

 Print is here:…

 Brush for the little techie stuff I got (with license) from Obsidian Dawn .

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Absolutely stunning work :love::love::love:
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This is SUPER amazing and incredibly detailed! You've really done an awesome job on Cloud here. I love the futuristic details in this. It looks like Cloud is ready to do some fighting! Amazing job on the clothing details as well. The background is also really nice and fits very well. I really like how you did Cloud's hair. It looks so poofy and soft! Keep up the awesome work!
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That is some nice work.
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wishing good new year 2018 before I forget - are u going to make mor bondage stuff this year e.g. bdsm type chains leashes etc !!
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 Im working on one now- another book cover commission actually
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super thats what many are waiting for to see.
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Cloudyfan says : A very good Cloud ! ^_-
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I WILL buy this blanket one day....hopefully soon <3
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Lucky Clue Smith to Cloud Strife Clap Love 
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This is so beautiful! ♥️ Artwork is so similar to Sakimichan. I still love the artwork of nekkid Sephiroth. 😍 Is it ok if I use this artwork as one of my YouTube videos background? I'll credit you and provide the link to your page. 😊
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 Sure, go ahead :3
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Thanks! 😄 I'm not gonna use it right now but I will when I finish my GarageBand song 😁
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Next time I have money I'll have to order a print of this to go with the Zack one I already have framed. :D ♥♥
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Seriously, I'm in awe. And just after I decided Zack would be my fav FF7 character I have to find this. Now the race is on again between the two. I hope you're happy. All joking aside you have some amazing skill.
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Amazing job on this *o*
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