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I cant forget the time that i submit my first "art" to deviantart, I shot them with my cellphone they werent really good, okay they weren't good at all but i was trying! Today is my First Anniversary  and i cant tell how much I improved my self just in 1 year. Love Deviant.
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This is English Jazz From a Turkish Band Tamburada, Tamburada means nothing in turkish but if you divide it into to pieces like Tam Burada , that means Right Here ....
Well Hope you will like it too.. if you like it please comment if you don't please comment also :P…
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I respect People who Speaks also listens you as well as they talk...
So, Thank you :iconcapricornicis:  For Listening me i know i talked so much but i knew you had TOO many Questions in your Mind... Hope I answered them all :)
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hey people im new here and i dont know anything about it :D
im just asking to you if you have any tips for me , anything might help me or helped you before will be great !!!

so please if have something to tell me that can help me please write it down
and if you wanna make me happy please become my watcher :)
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