Clearscreen Sharp for Win7 this wkd, No more Vista

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So I know I've said to a few people that I would probably be done this past weekend.

I came very close... I just needed to update the explorer buttons and some other stuff (with high dpi support).
But I've fully skinned and polished Clearscreen Sharp for Windows 7 MSSTYLES, from all the taskbar positions, to the small icons version, the grouped taskbar buttons, Jumplists, to even the Quick Launch area (yeah, I use it to hold my folder shortcuts; I like 1-click actions)...…

As you might know, I'm in college now and time is tight.  I have midterms this week and felt that this would be better released this weekend when I'm through with them and can focus on the comments.  Hopefully DA has a Win7 section by then.

Here is a sneak peak:…


Note: No more support for _Vista_ Clearscreen themes; will focus on Windows 7.  Thanks to all that commented and gave feedback :)

Note 2:  Here are the resources for Vista SP2 (x86/x64 -- works on all Clearscreen variations):
Thanks to Lewek for providing SP2 resources!

Note 3:  Clearscreen Round will come soon, also.
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When will you release Clearscreen Basic for Windows7? I love that theme.