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July 16, 2009
Everything about Strange new world by ~K-hos is just simply stunning. From the impressive scale, to the wonderful details in the stone and water and even the people. It's the kind of thing that can take your breath away.
Featured by armaina
Suggested by Almadeia
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Strange new world

I always wanted to do a big pixel, and I'm quite happy with the result :3

EDIT: holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap *gasp* holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap a daily deviation : O

Thanks to;
:iconenexodia: ( go to her gallery now >:V ) for suggesting it
:iconarmaina: for featuring it!
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I'll say "Holy crap!" myself. This is amazing!
Three weeks, you say... What program did you use?
Harley-1979's avatar
This is MASSIVELY cool! I love how the detail continues beneath the water line. That is a brilliant touch!
Ramani-Rayne's avatar
The detail is great!
Nebelstern's avatar
futuristic and wonderfully mysterious.. ^^ i like the conception of the architecture, and the tree.
GermanPete's avatar
I think that DD was well deserved (whenever that was...).
The area seems strange enough to make me think about some complex of buildings/ruins on another world and the colors really add to that. And then all these details! Oh, wait.
Is that on the top of a mountain? Looks as if some buildings are submerged on the lower right.
RUNHALL's avatar
It makes me wanna play the early Command & Conquer games!
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ZombieToaster's avatar
After looking trough your gallery my love for isometric pixelart has once again been reawakened. Makes me wanna try doing it again myself.
G-Master64's avatar
i gotta ask, how long does stuff like this usually take you? that aside amazing details in this piece. awesome job overall. keep it up.
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Well since this was the first big pixel scene I did, I don't remember how many hours a day it took but I worked on it for about 3 weeks, I think, so long enough : P. But now that I am used to it I can pixel them much faster. I've done some of the newer ones in just a few days :>
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This is extremely impressive.

K-hos's avatar
Why thank you :> also thanks for the favorite and watch!
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looks like a pc-game I like to play^^
Pcaara's avatar
This is like the boot camp of my dreams :iconyayzplz:
Oktanas's avatar
looks great congrats for geting a DD
AngelForHer's avatar
I... want it... it is amazing and stunning and awesome and amazing and oh i already said that lol AWESOME!!!
E-9's avatar
reminds me of that game that used to come with windows a while back.... "annihilation" or something. really slick!
mangoshell's avatar
woaahhh my goddd
I've never done pixel art before, but i hear its lots of work and I can't imagine how much effort went into this. Great job!
i-was-so-blind's avatar
:dizzy: What IS that place?
roxaswantsacupcake's avatar

This is the biggest pixel I've ever seen. I. LOVE. IT. <3333
Stixwitdafix's avatar
you, my friend, are insane! this is amazing!
Dragonmods's avatar
This is beautiful! This beyond great work! I'm working on putting together a flash game that has the same view concept. What is the name of the 2d view?
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