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It started out as an engine room of a ship but kinda turned into a lab or something half way through :p

25 colors and I don't remember how many hours :V
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A Lot of hours I bet! This is crisp and clean as they get! Beautiful work!
I really, really like these colors. I'm working on my first game, would it bother you if I extract the color palette from this image on Photoshop and use it on my own scifi art?
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OMG, how long did this take you? It's really amazing
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Very interesting looking. Good work
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Which program do you use man?
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It looks like the ship is powered by a miniature sun! Nice, i love it.
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Reminded me DIgimon world 3 a bit 8D pretty cool
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Wow! I love this, especially the computer display screens and consoles. Very cool...
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it could still be on a ship. Like the engine room. but great job!!
That ball has the prettiest pallet ever
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That's pretty damn sweet o.o
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This is too amazing!
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Awesomeness! I guess that should have been a lot of hours, but it is just awesome. MUST FAV!
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argh k-hos u're f*ckin awesome! any tutorial for isometrics? or maybe u have ur own tuts? :P
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I was actually work on one but I kinda got side tracked.
I'll finish it sometime though and upload it.
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woot, will be waiting :3
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Awesome, epic and a string of other adjectives!
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Reminds me of a more moody and dark version of the GBA game Scurge Hive :)
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I've never seen art like that before.
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