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Malaika Princess part I

or here
youtube ver (better and no splitt)

First reveal of the unreleased movies i did for years .
This film was a 30 minutes full animated movie in 2d.
crazy damn hard for the time , (2007/2008)

but it aged badly now , so dont expect something good.

Also ,i divised it into two parts since i can't upload a movie wich is more than 20 mn.

This movie was created just after done my graduation in animation arts , but i did all this for nothing .
Like always!

Malaika princess is a heroic fantasy where two kingdoms co-exist into the same land.
Those kingdoms are very different as much they are close
There is the kingdom of fire and the one of water , those kingdoms were built originally by divinities.

The story take place into the kingdom of water , the heroine (chinue) will try to win a local race of the kingdom for achieveing something (since the video quality is horrible and it's in french , you can't guess what she wants from this race...)
The water kingdom is particular since their people can ride on the ground using mighty water , and glide like people on the ice.
The heroine is not from the water kingdom but from the fire one (she have an orb on his head , light orb)
She will face non-loyal and tricks among this race and even

So again ,this version is not a great one, there is no sound at all (sorry) , so look it like a cinematic .
Tell me what you think still , could be interesting!

part II
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J'en peux pas l'ecouter~~~~
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pas de son ^^

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Calm down!

you can see some other of my work there…

some example with sounds…

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I keep coming back to look at your animation.
God I love your style !
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lol thanks very much ^^
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This is SICK man! And no audio? Damn This movie is just begging for and HD version.
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Thanks ! dont forget the part 2


There is no hd version but a clean 720*576
I can't upload it for some reasons , it fails each time i try...
I'll try again soon.
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Why don't you put your animation on youtube?
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Putain, c'est vraiment génial mec! Mon seu probleme avec,c'est que c'est un peu petit et c'est difficile de bien contempler tout l'effort qui a été mis dans le travail. RAD,c'est magnifique.
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Ah bon , merci quand meme ^^

Effectivement j'ai uploadé dans une sale qualité , j'en avais marre des upload ratés avec la grande resolution

tu peux tester mon youtube

c'est direct sans coupure

bon le film et l'univers sera remis au gout du jour , car ca peut etre bien mieux (le film date de 4 ans deja)

J'essaye de voir si je peux uploader une meilleure version
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tain mec, je la regarde une deuxieme fois. T'a énormément de talent. Tu devrais pas passer aussi inapercu..surtot pour un travail aussi long.
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haha merci beaucoup

j'en ai fait beaucoup d'anim mais effectivement ca n'a pas marché
bon tant pis
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Wow, that's crazy. 30 minutes worth of animation. How long did it take for you to make that?
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yes, hahah one of my most long work

too bad that i put langages in french.
anyway i'll re-do it and change scenario since i exposed the animation now.

took me a two years work
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2 years? Crazy! but don't lose heart. I feel that you're one of the under-appreciated artists out there. I'm sure one day some animation or gaming studio will take notice of you and employ your talents.

Find out what/where you'd like to work, something that you would love to be doing and try your luck with that place, even if that place is way out of your league. I should do the same once I get over the ruts.
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thanks for the comment again xd

really made my day

for under-appreciated, you too , your sketches are really neat
i feel sorry for you sometimes and i get what you wanted to leave the community, cause i could leave too

i just upload my stuff here , so some people will have a trace of my work forever(if deviantart doesnt die)

Thanks for the wish of studios and my work but i dont think it will happen since my work is just out of the place , so people will never appreciate this.

the next movie would be more "commercial" with stuff you see in classic anime .

this is the only way

people want new things but making new things as an artist doesnt work
Nice equation huh?
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Yeah, I hate figuring out why some stuff works for some people and not for others. Oh well, give it time. I guess it takes awhile for people to finally 'get it' because it's so ahead of time? Who knows.

To be truly happy, you gotta go with what you want instead of what people want. I can't do anything else other than my own stuff so I'm sticking by it. Even if it means going hungry often. =/
K-hermann's avatar
this is life
we have to check what works for others
i hate that too

yeah but being happy and have nothing is useless
that why do video games now , animation cant bring me money so it's done for now
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