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Italian and English group. =)
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Kissing in the Love Hearts, Valentines Day 2019 by K-Egg Kissing in the Love Hearts, Valentines Day 2019 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 2 1 #271: Scrafty (Astral Forme) by K-Egg #271: Scrafty (Astral Forme) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 7 0 #270: Scraggy (Astral Forme) by K-Egg #270: Scraggy (Astral Forme) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 8 1 #045: Crimandit by K-Egg #045: Crimandit :iconk-egg:K-Egg 4 0 #044: Bandikid by K-Egg #044: Bandikid :iconk-egg:K-Egg 6 0 #271: Mega Scrafty (Unova Region) by K-Egg #271: Mega Scrafty (Unova Region) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 6 0 #980: Tamenshi by K-Egg #980: Tamenshi :iconk-egg:K-Egg 9 0 #979: Seremni (Not NSFW) by K-Egg #979: Seremni (Not NSFW) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 9 0 #978: Omnikaty by K-Egg #978: Omnikaty :iconk-egg:K-Egg 7 0 #977: Katybug by K-Egg #977: Katybug :iconk-egg:K-Egg 10 4 #580: Ferander, Wild Lizard Fakemon by K-Egg #580: Ferander, Wild Lizard Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 8 6 #579: Matekko, Wild Lizard Fakemon by K-Egg #579: Matekko, Wild Lizard Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 8 4 Thundhor, Tribe Master Fakemon by K-Egg Thundhor, Tribe Master Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 18 14 Warritori, Tribal Fakemon by K-Egg Warritori, Tribal Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 13 0 #797: Ultemershi V2 by K-Egg #797: Ultemershi V2 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 14 4 #796: Monstasy V2 by K-Egg #796: Monstasy V2 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 13 1


Logan The Scrafty by GhostFalcon642 Logan The Scrafty :iconghostfalcon642:GhostFalcon642 23 7 scrafty by sharkjaw scrafty :iconsharkjaw:sharkjaw 132 16 Scrafty by rekuroBis Scrafty :iconrekurobis:rekuroBis 146 9 All My Dreams Combined by UnlimitedRageWorks All My Dreams Combined :iconunlimitedrageworks:UnlimitedRageWorks 172 22 Zuruzukin by hevromero Zuruzukin :iconhevromero:hevromero 313 24 560 - Scrafty by Winter-Freak 560 - Scrafty :iconwinter-freak:Winter-Freak 194 12 Scrafty by Xous54 Scrafty :iconxous54:Xous54 455 57 A scoundrel reptile- Zuruzukin by Weirda-s-M-art A scoundrel reptile- Zuruzukin :iconweirda-s-m-art:Weirda-s-M-art 79 52 Zuruzukin Avatar by BlackKisa Zuruzukin Avatar :iconblackkisa:BlackKisa 86 25 Zuruzukin by Chibinu Zuruzukin :iconchibinu:Chibinu 89 17 Pull up dem pants by Miniatureowl Pull up dem pants :iconminiatureowl:Miniatureowl 41 28 Scrafty by Goronic Scrafty :icongoronic:Goronic 33 3 Scrafty - Focus Blast by IndigoWildcat Scrafty - Focus Blast :iconindigowildcat:IndigoWildcat 36 4 #185 Morsis V2 by Smiley-Fakemon #185 Morsis V2 :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 383 61 #185 Morsis (Wrath Form) by Smiley-Fakemon #185 Morsis (Wrath Form) :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 578 85 #??? Morsis by Smiley-Fakemon #??? Morsis :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 162 16





Kissing in the Love Hearts, Valentines Day 2019
I don’t really have a valentine, but do have me kissing one of my favourite Pokémon of all time.

Scrafty (c) Pokémon, GameFreak.

Katie (c) me.

Do not use the pic without my permission
Find me on discord Katie#8465 because I’m more active here
#271: Scrafty (Astral Forme)
Astral Scrafty. (Astral Scrafty evolves from Astral Scraggy when exposed to a Nebula Stone)
Hoodlum Pokemon.
Type: :icondarktypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
Height: 4.03
Weight: 51.4lbs.
Ability: Multiscale, Moxie (Lunar Aura)

Pokedex Entry: The Scrafty that have migrated into the new realm seem quite more docile than its normal forms. But this type of Scrafty is not to be messed with, as the star pieces on its head are stored with dangerous physical and special powers for defensive purposes.
#270: Scraggy (Astral Forme)
Astral Scraggy. (Astral Scraggy evolves into Astral Scrafty when exposed to the Nebula Stone)
Shedding Pokemon.
Type: :icondarktypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
Height: 2.04
Weight: 23.6lbs.
Ability: Multiscale, Moxie (Lunar Aura)

Pokedex Entry: After losing it’s shed skin after the corruption incident, Scraggy found a new source of skin, which made it adopt the fairy typing. The nebula bedding that Scraggy now wears is very stretchable and cannot be torn easily, making it easier for Scraggy to protect itself.
#045: Crimandit
Crimandit (Criminal + Bandit) (Crimandit evolves from Bandikid at LV39)
Kleptomaniac pokemon
Type: :icondarktypeplz::iconfightingtypeplz:
Height: 5.07
Weight: 79.6lbs.
Ability: Pickpocket, Moxie (Anger Point)

Pokédex Entry: Crimandit could fit anything into its giant sack. Like Bandikid, it swings the sack around to attack its enemies, or maybe even beating them up in groups. Crimandit rarely accept friendship as they’re considered nasty and aggressive burglars of the region.
Am I ever worth being a good freind to everyone...? My life on both Internet and real life SUCK SO MUCH. Maybe it's my existence that's making me sad...

I'm always jealous and sad almost all the time. I always act dramatic to people and sometimes get their so called "allies" to team up on me when I'm not myself anymore. I just think my past self is coming back.... In the past, I was really rude, dramatic and whiny... And I cringed looking back at the times I did that... And when I drew really gross stuff on a public website (deviantart)... And sometimes I get offended really easily, because of my autism and sensitive attitude.

And I hate myself for saying these words, and that part where I don't like gay people if I'm looking for a relationship. And that time when the person says he's gay, and I start to flip out on them and call them nasty words. And I was fearing that I might say "you two should break up, because you look disgusting as a pair". Because of that... The times man..... The fucking times..... And that part when someone doesn't want to RP with me, I yell out capital words in their imaginary faces and never talk with them again. I just hate myself....

Lastly, when I get divorced, I flip out very quickly and threaten the ex sweetheart that I will kill him\her next time....  I am crying for real..!!! I don't know what's wrong with me anymore..!!! I suffered way too much problems in the past and the present... Leave a Purple Heart in the comments if you guys still support me and want me to be positive and happy again....


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm 17 years old. I like drawing fakemon. That's it.

My favourite fakemon's from :iconsmiley-fakemon: are Purgast, Cobrus, Vivorin, Nemobe, Osorochi, Inkami, Orugoh, Diplovern, Petracaul, Snew, Neow, Emptite, The Starter Pokemon's (Dilloom, Dynamouse and Basilil) Dracobra, Nuphore, Mizumi and last but not least, my favourite dark legendary cutie! Morsis :3

I need you to follow :iconsmiley-fakemon: because he has wonderful fakemon art, especially his cute Morsis :3. So would ou mind giving him a warm welcome by watching him? :3

My pokesona is Katie (or me of course) she's either a Lunatie or a Morsis, she has two friends called Alex (she's a Vivorin) and Jesse (he's a Purgast) because they had great fun with each other. Also Katie understands what Morsis says to her, especially if he doesn't get used to what she's doing.


Mega/Primal Fakemon/Pokemon
Mega evolutions and Primal reverses
Pseudo Legendaries
Pokemon/Fakemon that look almost like legendaries.
Major Legendary Pokemon
Big strong legendaries that are the rulers of some sort of world or can protect their territory
Minor Legendary Pokemon
It's any minor legendary! For example, some fakemon and pokemon ones.
Easy fakemon to draw
It's just like starters or anything. It could be an inanimate object pokemon too. Or anything.


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I really need points so...I could get a commission or an adopt...

PLEASE? I don't wanna stay broke...I wanted points so I could draw requests and stuff....

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