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January 31, 2010
Nyiana-Sama said "automail from cloth - tutorial by ~k-ee-ran This is the perfect tutorial for anyone who's ever thought about cosplaying as Edward Elric, but didn't have the money to buy an automail arm, and are not sure how to make it. This is a cost effective way to create automail that doesn't involve cutting cardboard!"
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Suggested by Nyiana-sama
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automail from cloth - tutorial



This is just one method of making cosplay automail. There are many other options, variations, and different techniques that may or may not work better for you, depending on your budget, skill set, amount of free time, desired result.
You are always free to post any ideas, questions, or alternate methods of making automail. The more resources we all have, the better! :)

requested by ~Akastuki-sensei
a tutorial for the automail made for ~bloodyjackfaber's Ed Elric cosplay

if anything isn't explained in the tutorial [and I tried to cover EVERYTHING... x_x ], feel free to ask any questions. :]

how many bottles of fabric paint did you use?
I believe about 4 silver, 2 black [of the 2-oz size].

download for higher resolution.

if you make automail using this tutorial, please post a link to your finished result! I'd love to see what you made. :dance:

1/31/10 EDIT: a DD?! O__O :faint:
well, THAT was completely unexpected. . . . but I'm really glad you guys are finding this tutorial helpful! ^^
thanks to all of you~~and especially to `Hanratty-Stock & ^Nyiana-Sama!! :hug:

Anime Detour 2011 edit: BJ was wearing her automail glove [the same one featured in this tutorial] around Detour this year, and a random passerby said to their friend--"look! it's like the tutorial online!" xD
Amusing as this was, it was a little weird to have someone recognize our automail-glove design from a dA post I made now-years ago. o_o;;
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WOW this would work awesomely for more practical /walking aroung the convention cosplay ,because i have made foam auto mail and its  difficult to pick tiny things up