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Let's Talk About: Asexuality

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Published: June 19, 2011
Please, feel free to download this to use for raising awareness. This is an updated version - thanks to everyone who gave me helpful suggestions!

Also in Spanish: [link]

(If you would like to see this in your language, please feel free to send me the translated text, and I will arrange it for you.)

Hello, everybody! I've not been on dA much recently (that university thing takes up more of my time that I could have thought). But I'm dipping back in today to see what you think of this.

I intended this as a poster to introduce the concept of asexuality, which a vast majority of people know nothing about.
The information is mostly inspired by/paraphrased from AVEN, which is a brilliant site that I reccommend you investigate.

I'd love to know what you think of this poster.
:bulletblack:Is it too crowded? Just right?
:bulletblack:If you hadn't heard of asexuality before, has it been informative?
:bulletblack:If you identify as asexual, is there anything you think I've put badly, or missed out?

Edit: Thank you very much for all the comments - I haven't had this much feedback on a piece for a long time, if ever, and I really didn't expect this one to get any attention. I appreciate it :meow:
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Looks like my wardrobe could use purple cufflinks.

Usage of Aus***z Triangle with black-to-white grad sure describes how it feels to be an ace.

Whoops, missed my stop because of enjoying the feel. Thanks!😀

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AngeliniaHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you <33
i feel so happy when i see ppl who support sexuality because i'm not alone--
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dqubeHobbyist Digital Artist
nicely done good job
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MerylDannLyellStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you!!
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This explains my feelings so much better than I can verbally articulate. 
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MeAndMyIdeasStudent General Artist
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KayisokHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, I want to show this to my fam, but I don't got the guts^^;;
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So, Asexual Awareness Week is coming up and it would be really awesome if I could use this as part of a little information campaign I'm trying to put together for my school!! My own design skills are literally non-existent so it would be awesome if I could make use of your wonderful poster. :3 
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unicornomics General Artist
I'm not trying to offend anyone but I'm curious,typically (I know everyone's different) does someone know they're asexual before or after having sex for the first time?

Again,just curious
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Quoth143Professional Digital Artist
I think it's different for everybody. From my own experience, I honestly never felt physically attracted to people and therefore never sought it out. Even when I saw a really good looking person, it would just remain that; they were a really good looking person. No feelings of wanting to get in bed with them or anything. 
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PerceriHobbyist Digital Artist
I am only speaking for myself so do not take this as the one true explanation for this but, for me, I have never had sex. I do not hold any interest it nor do I ever look at a person and feel sexually drawn to them like some people do when they see a beautiful model or actor/ess. I do make comments about how beautiful a person is but when I say those things, I am speaking as I would if I remarked on how beautiful the statue of David is. 
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midnightlunaroseHobbyist Digital Artist
It's mostly after having sex but, it can occur before.
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You kind of threw aromantics under the bus there. Aromantics, while they may not feel romantic attraction (by the way, romantic attraction is not  the same as love), they still are capable of deep, or intimate relationships. 
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You covered it k-d-t! It's just right. :)
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It's nice that you added the link to AVEN on the bottom of this also.. another thought, regarding the "if you havn't tried it, you dont know what you're missing." Someone once told me that "you don't have to jump in the water to know you don't like sharks." Basically saying.. you don't have to do the act to know that you don't desire it.
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Roxya237Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!I am asexual and 15 years old and this makes me feel better about myself
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CelticKawaiiStudent Traditional Artist
Why does it come as a shock to everyone that aces can feel romantic attraction?! That's not the same thing as sex! Has no one heard of the four loves? So because I just prefer not to bang, I certainly would never risk my life for someone else, right? And of course, if I do risk my life for another, I'm hoping 'If I survive this, we are so getting it on later!'
Okay, kind of went a little nuts there, but...yeah, it aggravates me.
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VinnyCrow General Artist
This is awesome. You've done an excellent job of presenting the facts and shooting down the objections in a clear and concise way. Many thanks, and kudos!
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MawichanStudent General Artist
Thank you so much for this. Sometimes I wonder if I am one myself, but I'll stop putting much thought into it and I'll just see what happens later (because I have reasons to think I am and reasons to think I am not)

But I needed this info since I have a character who I think is/will write as asexual and I'll look it up to do my best to get it right. (I wouldn't want to offend anyone) 
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kelpiehunterkaiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I had only heard of this once, and when I did, It made so much sense. Sometimes I wonder if I am. I've never really been attracted to anyone. People think I'm wierd, but I'm incredibly happy alone. So this would explain quite a few things XD
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BrightcynderHobbyist Digital Artist
Too true!
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Question: Can you be asexual, and still feel intense love for another person? Like, kissing, cuddling, making out and such, but not want the sex-part (Where the guy puts his pee-pee into her kitteh) and such? Or is it just completely not wanting anything to do with that sort? Or is there another term for that?
And great stuff you've done. It's pretty informative.
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