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February 9, 2010
uranus and neptune by ~k-BOSE. From the suggester: "I absolutely love this painting -- everything about it is poetic and beautiful." Also suggested by ^budgie.
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uranus and neptune

fan art of SAILOR MOON
"uranus and neptune"
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If I was to describe this photo. It is like they are taking their time with each other and enjoying every moment and if you want to join in, but hesitant and one says join in well be gentle. Energy wise

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I love Uranus and Neptune! You made them so cute!
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wow!! this is amazing!!! the way the atmosfere feels Happy cry (Tears of joy) I loved Haruka's expression. Amazing job!!
This is beautiful.  While I can't say I know anything about Sailor Moon (I'm not much of an anime person, though some of my friends are), this is an outstanding piece of art, nonetheless.  Everything about it: the lighting, the texture, the facial expressions, the water surface, everything.

I do have to ask, what was the medium?  It looks like it was some kind of paint, but I'm not exactly an expert in these sorts of things.
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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Muajajaja..How funny..Onion 
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I can't wait until they appear in SMC!!! 
I'm gonna just faint at the epicness of this paring.Hug Clap Waaaah! I think I've fainted. Huggle! :happybounce: La la la la :D (Big Grin) Petting is sensual! 
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<3 <3 <3 such creative beauty :)
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this is gorgeous! the water looks like it must have been difficult.
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This is best of I sew by this theme!) very sense picture...
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Out of pretty much everything I've seen, I have to say this is probably my favourite piece of fan art. This is beautiful.
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loving those lips
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This is so gorgeous, oh my god.
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Lovely I really like it!
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