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fan art of SAILOR MOON

Fan art of SAILOR MOON

I will release a book of "Sailermoon " by Comic Market 75

December 31, 2008 release on Event "Comic Market 75", Japan.

Please come :D
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Does this still a copy,I would like to buy one.

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i loved this when i was younger and i still do SAILOR MOON 4 LIFE :)
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The journey of Sailor Moon!
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hey there I have an anime page on facebook and we are doing a sailor moon fan art week and was wondering if I could share your picture. Ill credit you if you would like and link you to the page. :P please respond whether its a yes or no thanks! :D
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This Facebook page is using your art without credit to tell people that all art uploaded online is free to use/repost/print wherever and however they want without crediting the artist.
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flawless. perfect.  =D
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This is wonderfull!
I love it!!
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Good job. An amazing Sailor Moon recreation. It really creates a movie feel.
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It's very beautiful.
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This is lovely and very dynamic! Great work.
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Awesome! (I've recently become a big fan of Sailor Moon)

"Dream big and dare to fail!  I dare you to do that!" - James Hetfield
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This piece is unbelievably gorgeous may i show it on my page and send the link back here so they may see the original :)
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i like this piece, the composition is so good for sailor moon and all the different colors makes it so nice :)
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