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Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune
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OH my goodness. Words can't express how much I love this picture, especially the subtle Neptune/Uranus undertone. 
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wow ! o__o amazing !
Neptune is my fav !
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This is his/her work and you didn't even give proper credit in your instagram. "Le sigh" indeed.
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You, my dear, are called a Fucktard.

I was reporting the posting of k-BOSE work to them that appears on someone else's instagram account. 

I have my own instagram account by the same name as my DA account, in which I have posted a comment on the Instagram piece requesting they credit the artist with link back to this page. 

Figure yourself out before commenting retarded replies.
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ahhh so kawaii and pretty
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So beautiful! :love: nice job!
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She's is one of the prettiest of the sailor scouts (Also Pluto in my personal opinion)
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they make a beautiful couple.
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Yay you added Uranus with her :D Love it bunches.
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<font><font>Wonderful! I love it!</font></font>Heart 
Neptune is by far the most beautiful of the Sailor series.  I would not mind finding her in my room.
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this is giving me feelz!! :sun:
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Neptune looks gorgeous. Love her hair. And cute idea!
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i personally love her and uranus together even if i didnt understand when i was young i think its cute and i like it (need to look up the names its been so long)
I don't know, I just can't see Uranus and Neptune as a couple. The two planets are several million miles apart annd are VERY different. Uranus sits on its side so its north and south poles point toward and away from the Sun, so it rolls around on its orbit around the Sun. Its atmospherre is yery different from Neptune's. Although the two planets do seem to apear similar, I just don't goo for thhe lesbian relationship between them
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I just imagined Sailor Uranus rolling on the ground around a giant Papier-mâché sun and Sailor Neptune standing a good kilometre or two away, watching with binoculars and looking all like...

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and here i wish i could like comments... brilliant!!~~
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I love your art style. Gorgeous, captured the romantic feel so well. Amazing.
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